ICC ScanHub Stanton

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ICC ScanHub Stanton
Type Space Station
Classification Research Station
Orbits Crusader
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Imperial Cartography Center
Owner UEE

ICC ScanHub Stanton (name given on the Starmap) is a space station. The Quantum Destination reads "ICC Probe 849". The station was implemented with Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.0[citation needed ], but was removed with Patch 3.0.

ScanHub Stanton is part of the Imperial Cartography Center, and is categorized as a Deep Space Scanning & AstroGraphical probe. It serves as one of the many turn-key facilities the UEE places in systems to casually sweep for jump points. UEE citizens may recognize the station as the workplace for the mission-giver Junior Cartographer Tessa Bannister.


ICC Assistance (series)

The ICC Assistance missions are all triggered by visiting this station, where Tessa Bannister informs the player of a sequence of anomalous signals she has found while scanning for Jump Points.

Individual Stations

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  • ICC Probe 849 (as seen in pre-3.0 builds)