List of Companies by foundation date

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List of Companies sortable by foundation date or company type

Name Founded Type
987 Clothing brand
(4K) Constantine's Office, Hurston Dynamics.png
A-Tek Footwear brand
ACOM Ship component manufacturing
Abernathy Interior High-end hangar decorations manfacturing
Accelerated Mass Design 2899 CE; 51 years ago (2899) High-end electronics design and tuning
Ace Astrogation Engine Manufacturing
Aciedo CommRelay Networking and telecommunications manufacturing
AdVance NanoGraph Graphene manufacturing
Aegis Dynamics Spaceship Manufacturing
Aeroview Hangars 2687 CE; 263 years ago (2687) Hangar Manufacturing
Alejo Brothers Clothing brand
Alliance Startech Engine and Shields Manufacturing
Amon & Reese Co. Weapon and Engine Manufacturing
Anvil Aerospace 2772 CE; 178 years ago (2772) in Nova Kiev, Terra, Terra Spaceship Manufacturing
Aopoa Spaceship Manufacturing
Apocalypse Arms 2913 CE; 37 years ago (2913) Weapon Manufacturing
ArcCorp (corporation) 2687 CE; 263 years ago (2687) Engine Manufacturing
Argo Astronautics 2243 CE; 707 years ago (2243) Industrial Manufacturing
Armitage Personal weapon manufacturing
Arrow & Ross Weapon Systems Ship Weapon Manufacturing
Ascension Astro 2901 CE; 49 years ago (2901) Stealth ship component manufacturing
Associated Sciences & Development Ship weapon manufacturing
Astro Armada Ship dealership
Ayre Semisonic 2899 (before)
Basilisk 2530 CE; 420 years ago (2530) Ship Plating, Personal Armor, Shield Manufacturing
Behring 2554 CE; 396 years ago (2554) Weapon Manufacturing
Beijing Reactor and Enrichment Company 2935 (before) Shield Manufacturing
Bevic Group Food Manufacturing
BiotiCorp 2912 CE; 38 years ago (2912) Medical Device Manufacturing
BlacJac Security PMC (Private Military Company)
Blue Triangle Inc. Avionics manufacturing
Bremen Mills 27th Century Food Production
Broad & Rabiee Ship component manufacturing
CBD Clothing brand
CC's Conversions
CTR End of the 29th century Ship refueling and repair services
Casaba Outlet 2843 CE; 107 years ago (2843) Clothing Shops
Casse Aerospace 2599 CE; 351 years ago (2599) Spaceship Manufacturing
Cenote Concern 27th century (before) Industrial?
CenterMass Ship Component Store
Chimera Communications Comm and Scan System Manufacturing
City Lights Clothing brand
Cityflight Transit Transportation
Clark Defense Systems Military equipment manfacturing
Clarkson Energy Cell Manufacturing
Code Blue Apparel Clothing brand
Cole, Carlson & Taylor Inc. Munition Manufacturing
Conscientious Objects Weapons Shop
Consolidated Outland Spaceship Manufacturing
Cordry's Armor Shop
Covalex Shipping Shipping company
Crusader Industries Spaceship and Thruster Manufacturing
Cry-Astro Ship refueling and repair services
Cubby Blast 2932 CE; 18 years ago (2932) Weapon dealership
CureLife Medical product manufacturing
Denim Manufacturing Company Clothing brand
Derion Clothing brand
Dragon Stellar Thruster Manufacturing
Drake Interplanetary 2845 Spaceship Manufacturing
Dumper's Depot Raw material and used parts dealer.
EZ Hab Lodging
Eclipse Mutual 2814 CE; 136 years ago (2814) Ship insurance company
Empire's Overlooked Non-profit, Lobbyism
Escar Limited Clothing brand
Esperia 2873 CE; 77 years ago (2873) Spaceship Manufacturing
Evalight Clothing brand
FTL Courier Service Courier Service
Farnes Media Partners Mass Media
Fiore Clothing brand
Firestorm Kinetics Ship Weapon Manufacturing
Flashfire Systems 2904 CE; 46 years ago (2904) (before) Ship Weapon Mount Manufacturing
FoveaInc Mining company
Friskers Semiconductor Inc. Electronics manufacturing
Fuel Pump 2665 CE; 285 years ago (2665) Ship refueling and repair services
Gaia Planet Services 2530 (before) Terraforming
Gallenson Tactical Systems Weapon Manufacturing
Gallivan Publishing Publishing
Garrity Defense
Gemini Personal Weapons Manufacturing
Genly Engineering Solutions 2790 CE; 160 years ago (2790) Weapons Reasearch
Gold Horizon 2550 CE; 400 years ago (2550) Terraforming
Golden Lion Munition Manufacturing
Golem-Tek Clothing Shops
Gorgon Defender Industries Shield manufacturing
Grand Barter Clothing Stall Clothing Stall
Greycat Industrial 2337 CE; 613 years ago (2337) Industrial Equipment Manufacturing
Groupe Nouveau Paradigme High-end Ship Component Manufacturing
Habidash Clothing brand
Hammer Propulsion Thruster Manufacturing
Hardin Tactical Personal Armor Manufacturing
Hardpoint Guys late 29th century Chain of ship parts stores
Hathor Group 2468 CE; 482 years ago (2468) (before)
Hawksworth's Footwear brand
Hedeby Gunworks 2921 Weapon Manufacturing
Hurston Dynamics 2438 Weapon Manufacturing
Hydra Propulsion Thruster Manufacturing
Imperial Cartography Center Astronomical survey
InterDimension Software 2941 CE; 9 years ago (2941) Game Development
Intergalactic Research Concepts Weapon Manufacturing
Iolo Industries Weapons Manufacturing
J-Span 2827[1] Cooler manufacturing
Jahr FabriCorp Industrial manufacturing
Joker Enterprises Weapon Manufacturing
Juno Starwerk Ship component manufacturer
Jysho Corporation
KC Trending Clothing Shop
Kastak Arms 2738 CE; 212 years ago (2738) Weapons Manufacturing
Kel-To Constores Convenience stores
Kilgore and Poole Personal Armor Manufacturing
Klaus & Werner 2893 CE; 57 years ago (2893) Weapon Manufacturing
Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities Private corrections provider
KnightBridge Arms Weapon Manufacturing
Kosmicheskie Dvigateli Kunayeva Thruster Manufacturing
Kroneg Ship weapon manufacturing
Kruger Intergalactic 2558 CE; 392 years ago (2558) Spaceship and Weapon Manufacturing
Lightning Bolt Co. Personal weapon manufacturing
Lightning Power Ltd. Ship component manufacturing
Maiden Group 2911 CE; 39 years ago (2911) Sponsorship
MaxOx between 2747 - 2778 Weapons Manufacturing
MedicalUNIT Urgent Care
MicroTech Electronics manufacturing
Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern 2805 CE; 145 years ago (2805) Spaceship Manufacturing
MuyMuy Clothing brand
NV-TAC Weapon Attachment Manufacturing
Nav-E7 Gadgets Ship component manufacturing
New Deal Ship dealership
NorthStar Footwear brand
Nova Pyrotechnika Ship Weapon Manufacturing
OKB Voskhod Thruster Manufacturing
Omega Pro Ship Customization, Tuning
OpalSky Clothing brand
Origin Jumpworks GmbH 2750 (approx.) Engine and Ship Manufacturing
Original Systems 2936 CE; 14 years ago (2936) Game Development
Phalanx Thruster Manufacturing
Prasad Naturals Food Production
Preacher Armament Ship Weapon Manufacturing
ProtLife Ship insurance company
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated Mining and Terraforming
R6 Pro Footwear brand
RAMP Corporation Ship component manufacturing
Radegast Distillery
  • 2520 CE; 430 years ago (2520)
  • In Port Renatus, Mars, Sol
Whiskey Distillery and Bar
Rayari Inc.
Rest & Relax Space Stations
Revel & York Hangar Manufacturing
Roberts Space Industries 2038 CE; 912 years ago (2038) Spaceship Manufacturing
Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems Military equipment manufacturing
SELF-LAND mid-29th century Hangar Manufacturing
Saga Datasystems 2847 CE; 103 years ago (2847) Ship component manufacturing
Sakura Sun Corporate conglomerate
Seal Corporation Shield manufacturing
Shubin Interstellar 2410 CE; 540 years ago (2410) Terraforming
Skutters Weapon and Armor Shop
Spar Van Miles Clothing brand
Stor-All 2745 CE; 205 years ago (2745) Cargo Box Manufacturing
Sword of Hope 2948 (?) Joint Venture, Humanitarian aid
Takuetsu Starships 2894 CE; 56 years ago (2894) Model manufacturing
Talisman Armor and Plating Manufacturing
Talon Weapon Systems 2603 CE; 347 years ago (2603) Ship Ordinance Manufacturing
Tammany and Sons Clothing and Armor Shop
Tarsus 2292 CE; 658 years ago (2292) Quantum Drive Manufacturing
Teach's Ship Shop Ship dealership
Terra Mills 2717 CE; 233 years ago (2717) Food Production
The Ark 2794 CE; 156 years ago (2794) Knowledge Sharing Foundation
Thermyte Concern Ship Weapon Manufacturing
Too Much Soup 29th or 30th Century Food Vending Machines
Torral Aggregate Weapon manufacturing
Torreele Foodstuffs Food Manufacturing
Trident Attack Systems Ship weapon manfacturing
Tumbril Land Systems 2536 CE; 414 years ago (2536) Vehicle Manufacturing
Tyler Design & Tech Power plant manufacturing
UltiFlex Combat Knife Manufacturing
VFG Industrial Hangar Manufacturing
Vance Superindustrial Industrial manufacturing
Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Weapons Manufacturer
Virgil Ltd Personal armor manfacturing
Voyager Direct (company) Retail
Waldvol Aerospace Spaceship Manufacturing
Wei-Tek Ship component manufacturing
Wen-Cassel Propulsion Ship component manufacturer
Wilkes & Federman early 29th century Thruster Manufacturing
WillsOp 2902 CE; 48 years ago (2902) Ship Target System Manufacturing
X-Forge Thruster Manufacturing
Yorm 2822 CE; 128 years ago (2822) Power Plant and Shields Manufacturing