Terrestrial Rocky in the Banshee system
Lorona : Banshee III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
SenatorJunger Ries
LocationUEE space
Banshee system
└─ Orbiting Banshee (star)
Landing Zones1

Were it not for the vast resources of Lorona, many say the UEE would never have claimed the Banshee System. Today, it's an essential and irreplaceable part of the universal supply chain. Extensive mining operations extract everything from precious metals to short carbon for the diamond laminate in cockpit glass.

The planet's riches and inhospitable surface have driven Humanity to create a vast system of underground settlements connected by tunnels, a network that continues to expand to this day. When mining operations begin drilling and excavating new areas, the previous dig sites frequently become home to settlements of workers and their families. Some of these encampments want to trade with outsiders, while others prefer to be left alone. To avoid any confusion, we recommend not venturing into the tunnel system without a local guide.

Under a ubiquitous layer of dust, numerous Empire-wide franchises have a presence here to supply locals, traders and visitors alike. One can even find high-end restaurants servicing well-paid mining executives. Lorona's local culinary treasure is undoubtedly the Beutrempe, a sweet or savory puff pastry that uses a yeast strain native to the world to give a uniquely tangy taste. These delicious delicacies are on the menus of most restaurants, but can more easily be found baked in stalls set up near the most trafficked tunnels.[1]

Landing Zones


Once deep enough underground to not have to wear radiation suits, or "Below the Line" in local slang, visitors spend most of their time in Kesseli, the capital and one of the largest subterranean cities in the universe. Though still a mining settlement at its core, the amount of valuable resources moving through the city have brought a measure of wealth to the inhabitants.[1]


Senator Junger Ries (C – Lorona – Banshee Sys) serves on the Subcommittee on the Interior.[2]


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