New Babbage

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New Babbage
TypeLanding zone
LocationOn microTech (planet)

New Babbage is major trading hub on microTech and is the home of microTech's flagship store. The landing zone is also a haven for small tech companies. Large public spaces are enclosed under domes to protect the inhabitants against the freezing elements of the planet. [citation needed ]

Significant Characters

  • Eddie Parr wears the facade of a chatty bartender, but really he is pulling strings in numerous legal and illegal ventures. Eddie is in contact with both Michael Shaw and Wallace Klim.


New Babbage has an extensive transit system, connecting the city together. A transit line runs from New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport, over the frozen lake toward the inner city of New Babbage, where it splits for both The Commons and the hub underneath Aspire Grand. Further lines run outwards on spokes from the hub.[1]


New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport

File.svg Main article: New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport 

The Spaceport sits outside of New Babbage, on the opposite side of the frozen lake. The structure is built into the side of the mountain and supports large volumes of traffic landing and taking off constantly.

Next to the spaceport is a set of garages, where you can go to park or retrieve your vehicle if you desire to travel by ground instead of taking the transit system.[1]


The Domes are the main hub inside the city for players to be in. These domes are made up of 3 separate areas:

  • The Commons: is located on the smaller side of the main dome, unofficially dubbed "double bubble" due to its exterior looking like two merged domes. This area is likened to a "douchey campus", with recreational space.
  • Plaza: Located on the larger part of the "main dome", this area is the corporate business park of New Babbage.
  • Promenade: This area is the entertainment area of the domes, where people hang out to have drinks (or consume substances) at Wally's. Eddie Parr is located in this area.[1]

City Sprawl

pending content The developers have worked to increase the ability for a player to walk through New Babbage's exterior, without the walled-off confines of Lorville.

Aspire Grand

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The Aspire Grand is the signature skyscraper of New Babbage's skyline and home to Nest Apartments, where Player Habs offer spectacular views of the city and its surrounding environs.[1]


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