Omnisky XVIII Laser Cannon

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DE Monthly Report Weapons AMRS S4-6.png
Omnisky XVIII Laser Cannon
ManufacturerAmon & Reese Co. (AMRS)
TypeLaser Cannon
Mass0.1 kg
Hit points0
Range6,188 m
Total damage1,137 per second
Energy damage1,516 per shot
Firing rate45 shots/min
Max. penetration0.5 m

The Amon & Reese Omnisky XVIII Laser Cannon is a S6 energy Ship to Ship weapon. Nicknamed 'Augustus' by Amon & Reese engineers after the Roman Emperor who founded the notable 'Eighteenth Legion,' this massive size six laser cannon hits hard over great distances, making the Omnisky XVIII an effective way to keep enemies at bay.[1]