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City on Crusader in the Stanton system
OrisonLandingZone GreyboxingWIP 02.jpg
TypeLanding zone
LocationOn Crusader

Orison is a city in the clouds. It offers a breathtaking view of Crusader's commercial shipbuilding platforms.[1]

Public transport between areas is conducted by shuttle services.[2]


Commercial Hub

Arriving at the Crusader Visitor's Center, you head straight down the elevator to the Grande Observatory, where the transparent flooring provides unparalleled views of the tempestuous atmosphere below.[3]

"Once past the windbreak, she slowed her pace, used her badge to shortcut customs and turned towards the promenade. The wide garden-lined walkway provided access to most of the various shopping plazas and services that comprised the bulk of the hub's structures, with the added bonus of serving up some of the best vistas of Crusader's massive vessels being constructed. Even at this early hour, tourists congregated along the length of the overlook...

...As she approached the starport's entrance, she bypassed the long line that snaked outside and beelined straight for the maintenance area...

...The massive maintenance bay held several starliners in different states of repair."
Hostile Negotiations [2][4]

This is where the Crusader Security Office is located.

" With its pleasant atmosphere and abundance of ergonomics, you could tell that "team flow experts" and environmental psychologists who specialized in harmonizing workers with their surroundings had probably been consulted during construction. Basically, there was a lot of natural light, way too many potted plants and hallways that nearly all lead towards the "interface lounge," i.e., the break room."
Hostile Negotiations [2]

Shipyard Complex

Floating in a nest of complicated latticeworks, the Crusader Industries Shipyards are prized examples of unintentional art, where one may watch massive transport ships emerge from nothing as they are constructed by a delicately choreographed ballet of bots and workers.[5]

This is where the Genesis Starliner is built.[citation needed ]

Significant Characters

Liaison Officers Lisa Gibbs (ID# 91G66BW0) and Devin Bautista (ID# 948J030K) work Crusader Security's 'lemonade stand', the small auxiliary community outreach office in Orison. They are already the points of contact for Crusader Security contracts via mobiGlas as of Alpha 3.3, but datamined audio reveals that they will also be voiced mission givers. The lemonade stand's parent - the Crusader Security Office, is run by Section Chief Captain Pontayo, and is where Liaison Officer Kayla Frost works in dispatch. Frost features in the Hostile Negotiations storyline along with cameo appearances by Gibbs and Bautista.[2][4]


Note that these apparently were never approved by Chris Roberts, released instead by concept artist Ken Fairclough as part of his portfolio. Making it unlike most other concept art found. May or may not relate to what Crusader's landing zone finally looks like.


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