Perry Line

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Perry Line Map

The Perry Line was a demilitarized zone between the UEE and the Xi’An Empire during the Xi’an Cold War.

To many, the Perry Line was known as the interstellar barrier between Humanity and the Xi’An. Tactlessly named by Humanity after old deities of war, these eight systems never had a chance to be anything but a no man’s land. The Perry Line represented an even greater wall of distrust, separating our two great cultures from engaging in meaningful diplomacy.

The Perry Line consisted of Horus, Hadur, Tohil, Oya, Gurzil, Indra, Pallas and Virtus Systems, and was established shortly after finding a Xi'an explorer vessel in Gurzil in 2542, with the system beginning its transition into a militarized zone.

On 2793-07-05, the Perry Line Pact was ratified and signed by both sides, officially bringing to end the Cold War and birthing a new diplomatic era between the UEE and the Xi’An Empire, one that has stayed strong through today. The Perry Line systems were split up between the UEE and the Xi’an Empire, becoming what are now known as the Transitional Systems.[1]