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Forlink.svg  For a list of all known planets (including unnoted or fictional planets, like HH130782), see :Category:Planets.
The planet of Terra

Planets ( kyexiin: tèÞ(Proper); SRX: teth (Proper); ) are astronomical bodies within Star Citizen that are the birthplaces of all known civilizations, provide most materials needed for survival, and are centres of research, culture, and development. Each planet is unique, from the massively terraformed ArcCorp to the aquatic haven of Cassel.


The Starmap shows currently (December, 2017) 21 diffrent planet types, including 325 Planets.

These are:


Travel and exploration on a planet can be done by most ships which are capable of landing on the surface or of atmospheric flight. Some ships, such as those with more aerodynamic surfaces (Hornet), will be more agile and efficient in atmospheric flight than others with fewer wings and control surfaces (Herald)

On the ground, terrestrial vehicles, like the Ursa Rover, will allow players to conduct trade, engage in combat, and complete missions, similar to most space careers.

Notable Planets