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Acom - Quickcool - Standing - Rotated Cropped.png
ManufacturerACOM (ACOM)
SizeSmall (1)
TypeCompetition (C)
Mass200 kg
Hit points250
UEC cost24,164-24,234 UEC
Cooling rate160,000
Power usage8 - 12 pwr/s
Wear time16 h

The ACOM QuikCool is a Cooler, which can be equipped on a Size 1 Cooler mount.

Product description

The QuikCool provides superior performance over other coolers in its class. This competition grade component from ACOM sacrifices stealth and some durability to be one of the most powerful entry-level coolers around.[1]

Standard on

Last updated with info from patch 3.7.[2]

Manufacturer Ship
Consolidated Outland Mustang Gamma
Consolidated Outland Mustang Omega
Kruger P72 Archimedes
Origin Jumpworks GmbH 350r
RSI Aurora LX

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.7.

Location Store Price (UEC)
R&R CRU-L5 Platinum Bay 24,164
R&R HUR-L3 Platinum Bay 24,234