Saga Datasystems

Human company in the spacecraft components industry
Saga Datasystems - JP0907.svg
Saga Datasystems
IndustrySpacecraft components
ProductsComputers, repair equipment
Manufacturer codeSADA
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleNathan Kilo
FounderLavinia Kilo
Founded2847 CE; 106 years ago (2847)

Saga Datasystems is a spacecraft component manufacturer that produces computers and repair equipment. It is the manufacturer of the AMX-1 Repair Drone and the M3-A Multifunction Space Drone.[1][2]


Saga Datasystems was founded in 2847 by Lavinia Kilo, an industrial engineer. The control of the company was passed down through the family over seventy years until 2931, when Nathan Kilo, the last remaining heir, took the company public. Though he still owns a majority share in the company, Nathan has little involvement in the operations and management of the company, leaving that to the Board of Directors.[2]


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