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Forlink.svg  For the communication platform in lore, see Spectrum.

Spectrum is a real-time web application (and additional functionality in the Launcher and Star Citizen executable) that will handle all in-game and out of game community communications in Star Citizen, under development by Turbulent. It was designed to integrate forums, chat, and other key features into one streamlined platform.[1]


Forlink.svg  For a list of patch notes of Spectrum, see :Category:Spectrum Patch Notes.

Spectrum is first announced in CitizenCon 2016. The initial launch will be a web application, but subsequent releases will include more functionality, such as a fully integrated in-game overlay and voice chat. Looking further into the future, players will even be able to launch the game from Spectrum.[2][3]

The first iteration of Spectrum, Alpha 0.3.0x was launched in 2017-02-17.[4] In 2017-04-04, the old RSI forum was fully migrated to Spectrum.[5]