The Ark (station)

Information repository orbits Tayac I in the Tayac system
The Ark
LocationTayac system    Orbits Tayac I
TypeSpace station
ClassificationInformation repository

The Ark is a center of knowledge and understanding constructed at the dawn of the 29th century. Not bound by any one place, species or government, the Ark was established under a simple principle: to provide a neutral repository for all galactic knowledge.

Currently residing in the Tayac system, the Ark and its team of dedicated archivists and researchers curate this information for the Galactipedia and the Starmap. Invaluable tools that allow all beings to better understand the universe and find their way through it.[1]


As the new government continued to distance itself from the previous regime, Imperator Marshall Leon proposed that, after centuries of distrust and war, a beacon of peace was needed to unite the species of the universe together. His idea grew into what would become known as the Ark, a repository for universal knowledge and a safe place for diplomatic discussions between species. Many sites were proposed to house the Ark, but in the end, Tayac I was chosen to symbolize how great works can shed hope and light onto the shadows of our past.

Initial construction was finished in 2800, and from its earliest days the Ark has contained one of the largest public libraries and archival collections in the known universe. With no habitable planets in the system, the Ark has become the main hub of activity in Tayac, with knowledge seekers — along with services to cater to them — congregating around the library.

Though the Ark has yet to travel, it is rumored that as the bicentennial of its completion nears, the Ark may for the first time begin its journey through the stars as Imperator Leon originally proposed all those years ago. Those wanting to visit the Ark are urged to do so now, to take advantage of the convenience of it currently having a semi-permanent residence.[2]

Travel Warning - A reminder that the Ark and its immediate surroundings are considered neutral space as accorded by the Ark Treaty, and the UEE does not have jurisdiction there.[2]

"Let this Ark stand as a testament and proud record of the lives that we and those before us have all lived."
Imperator Marshall Leon, Ark Dedicatory Celebration Gala, 2800[2]


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