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Thrust rating (TR) is the strength of a thruster. The ratings are on a scale from TR1 to TR13. Higher thrust rating means a more powerful thruster. Not all similiarly rated thrusters are made equal, however. A thruster made by a better manufacturer will be better than a poorer, cheaper made thruster even though it has the same rating. Thrust ratings are also not relative to each other. For example, a TR2 thruster may only be slightly stronger than a TR1 thruster as they are generally used as maneuvering thursters on smaller ships, but a TR7 could be many times stronger than a TR6 as thrusters rated higher than 6 are generally used as main thrusters on much larger ships. Note that stock engines do not always have the maximum possible thrust rating.[1]


Weak thrusters, commonly used as maneuvering thrusters in lighter ships.


Stronger than TR1, these are used to maneuver heavier ships and power light ships.


These serve as the main thrusters for light ships and as maneuvering thrusters on heavy ships.


These serve as main propulsion for mid-weight ships or fast, light ships.


Used individually in medium-sized ships or en masse in heavier ships for main thrusters.


Very heavy-duty thruster used to maneuver carriers.


Super duper heavy-duty thruster used to maneuver carriers.


Powerful heavy-duty thruster used to maneuver big cargos.[2]


Powerful heavy-duty thruster used to maneuver bigger cargos.[3]


Powerful heavy-duty thruster used to maneuver even bigger cargos.[4]


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