United Planets of Earth

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United Planets of Earth
United Planets of Earth
Headquarters Earth
Type Government
Founded in 2523
Predecessor United Nations of Earth
Successor United Empire of Earth

The United Planets of Earth (UPE) was the Human governing organization between 2523 and 2546. It was the reformed version of the United Nations of Earth. It was reformed in 2523, It ended with the foundation of the UEE and the beginning of the Messer Era.

The United Planets of Earth was created in response to the preferential treatment towards the Citizens of Earth by the United Nations of Earth. This was necessary because a majority of humans were living off Earth.

The UPE was run by a Tribunal and Congress.

The tribunal - also called Triumvirate - consisted of a high secretary (responsible for maintaining the infrastructure), a high general (responsible for expansion and protection), and a high advocate (responsible for maintaining the law).[1]

The congress was made of delegates representing the planets, unlike in the UNE where the Congress was made up of nations of Earth.

The UPE was responsible for an exploration boom through a venture known as Project FarStar, which resulted in the discoveries of numerous systems including Ellis, Orion, and Terra. However, the project was scrapped after first contact with the Vanduul in 2681.

Known High advocates


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