Virgil I

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Virgil I
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Virgil (star)
Natural Satellites3
Landing Zones1

Virgil I is a uninhabitable terrestrial rocky planet in the Virgil System. Once settled and terraformed by humans, known for his natural beauty, the planet was bombarded and harvested by Vanduul in the 28th Century.


After the discovery of the Virgil System in 2412, Virgil was chosen to be terraformed and settled. Because the planet soil contained "super nutrients", the terraforming process was uncomplicated. In a matter of years, the planet’s atmosphere had been equalized to Earth standards and became a Lush planet, with a tropical vegitation.

Virgil was settled and grow up to an exotic tourist destination and productive agrar planet.

After the appearing of the Vanduul in 2681, Virgil became a military outpost, with Antimatter stockpiles and spacecraft repair facilites. After the Fall of Tiber the Vanduul attacked the Virgil and overwhelmed their weak defenses. They sacked the planet and killed hundreds of thousands humans. The UEE abandoned and evacuated the System.[1]


Virgil move around it's orbit in 203 days. The atmosphere of the planet is poisonous and in a state of permanent nuclear winter, filled with ash clouds.

Known Places

Weapon manufacturer Kastak Arms took its name from Kastak, the first city on Virgil that fell to the Vanduul.[2]

Natural Satellites


Epheet is littered with debris-impact craters from battles between the UEE and the Vanduul.[3]


The surface of this small moon features scars of Vanduul strip-mining.[3]


A carbon and silicate rock tidally locked to Virgil I.[3]