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Standalone refers to a type of purchase of a vehicle on the Pledge Store, that is not part of a Game Package. It could also mean a purchase that is not Warbond.

There are usually two ways of purchasing a vehicle on the Pledge Store. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks.

  • Warbond: has to be paid with real money but is discounted slightly from the standalone price. Cannot be purchased with Store Credit
  • Standalone: can be paid with real money, but can also be paid with Store Credit, but is usually slightly more expensive than a Warbond version.

A standalone ship is one not included in a game package. To access one such ship in game one has to have access to a game package containing a copy of Star Citizen base game. The purpose of standalone ships is to be able to buy another ship while not having to pay for a whole other copy of the game. Owning several copies of the base game allows a player access to another game character which can also be used as an NPC crewmember.[1]


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