Moon in the Stanton system
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Clio : Stanton 4b
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Stanton system
└─ Orbiting MicroTech (planet)

Clio is a moon orbiting microTech. It is named after the ancient Greek muse of history to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to remember that 'their work stands on those who came before them.'

Clio's defining feature is a series of liquid oceans covering much of its surface. Snowy mountains, reminiscent of the famous microTech slopes, cover the other half of the surface, with unique and distinctly shaped icebergs meshing the difference. Regions with mountains and valleys that slide abruptly into the ocean at the coast and wide fields of white snow make this moon a picturesque destination. The hazy pink and green sky and jade oceans give this moon an alien feel, unmatched by anything else in the Stanton system.[1]


Surface pressure 0.39 atm
Height 34,000 m
Surface temperature range -50 °C to -60 °C

-58 °F to -76 °F

Composition & conditions

Chemical Formula Full Name Amount
N Nitrogen 77.6%
O2 Molecular Oxygen 20.8%
Ar Argon 0.92%
CO2 Carbon Dioxide 0.04%

Surface Outposts

Type Settlements
Research Outpost Rayari Cantwell Research OutpostRayari McGrath Research Outpost


CommArray ST4-59

A Comm Array covering Arial's airspace.

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