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To contribute, please join us at the /r/StarCitizen Discord (#wiki- channels)

Discord members currently enabled to grant 'Verified' (ask on discord, #wiki- channels):

Admins: Citizen 404, PapaDolvak, Jumbify, Bartti .

Chief Editors: atxatx, CZenStar, and Facerafter.

Editors: jeffyen, chiff, DuskFyre

A quick write up of the user groups on this wiki:


For now, anonymous & new users don't have any admin rights. This will likely change once we have a more stable foundation, and a crew of folks "policing" changes (to protect from spam and vandalism).


Write privileges, create new pages. Log into the discord and talk to us in the #wiki- channels to be granted.


Verified + Some light page administration.


Trusted + Some light user admin & heavier page administration.

Chief Editor

Editor + Heavier User admin.


System Administration.