The Hill Horror Helmet

Helmet manufactured by CC's Conversions
The Hill Horror - Blue light Dark BG-min.png
The Hill Horror Helmet
ManufacturerCC's Conversions (CCC)
ClassificationLight armor
Environment protection
Damage resistance

The The Hill Horror Helmet is a special mask-like "helmet" resembling the fictional serial killer Neville Lott. The helmet was obtained exclusively through participating in the "Benny Henge challenge", which required the player to take a trip to Benny Henge throughout the month of October 2020. It was part of the Halloween 2020 festivities.[1]

In-game description

"Haunt your friends with a helmet inspired by the terrifying appearance adopted by famed serial killer Neville Lott. The classic slasher vid 'The Hill Horror' helped make this look a staple at Day of the Vara festivals, and this high-quality reproduction replicates the iconic movie look down to every last devious stitch. The Hill Horror helmet is made with an actual gunny sack sealed with a special finish that can withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions, and covering a comfortable space-rate helmet. Become a walking nightmare and celebrate Day of the Vara in sinister style with this helmet."

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Stitcher Second Life Undersuit The Hill Horror Helmet Stitcher Core Sinkhole Backpack Stitcher Arms Stitcher Legs
Why Not? Helmet
Parasite Replica Helmet
Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet



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