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Topic on Translations talk:Jalan

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Jale (talkcontribs)

I have removed the reference to Jalan being terraformed, for the following reasons: 1) There is no source referenced in the page for this claim. 2) The textual sources on the CIG website for the system and planet do not mention Jalan being terraformed, as far as I can see. 3) Tevarin can survive in the same conditions as humans, as evidenced by tevarin being widespread in UEE space and a senator elected, yet no mention being made of them requiring life support. 4) The Loremaker's guide video on the Elysium system mentions that 'planets of the former Tevarin empire were colonised and terraformed' after their defeat. This is the only mention I can find of terraforming that *could* apply to Jalan, and it does not explicitly say Jalan was. Notably, it is also said in this video that the Tevarin did not have Terraforming tech, implying there would be plenty of candidates for terraforming, and not that we were terraforming planets that the Tevarin had already terraformed for their needs. 5) In the same video, Elysium III (Vosca) is explicitly described as having been terraformed. It is typical for such mentions to be made for terraformed planets. No mention of this is made for Jalan. 6) The UEE does not seem to terraform planets that are survivable but imperfect: see Microtech, they didn't go back for a second pass despite the cold. While it is conceivable that 'comfortable' for a Tevarin is inhospitable for us, there is no evidence to suggest that.

I would not be comfortable claiming that Jalan definitely *wasn't* terraformed, but I don't think it can be confidently claimed it was. If there is a source for it, I suggest putting it in clearly.

Alistair3149 (talkcontribs)


"So after that moment, we started colonizing and terraforming worlds that were formerly part of the Tevarin Empire were now part of the human empire"

That is the closest I can find regarding whether Jalan is terraformed or not. It only mentioned that Jalan might be terraformed but it is not a confirmation of the planet being terraformed. Maybe put a note on the page to state that?

Juval (talkcontribs)

@Jale @Alistair3149

The Info that Jalan was terraformed is from the Writer's Guide: Comm-Link:Writer's Guide - Part Seven

"Formerly Kaleeth (terraformed and colonized by Humans, renamed to Elysium IV)."

It makes sense, since it would be foolish to just leaving them a planet where they can build up again. It's also fits the topos which the (early) UEE represents: Imperialism by conquer, degrading the conquered, terraforming the planet to settle it with regime-friendly humans.