Unexpected Inheritance

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Unexpected Inheritance
Gundo 3.jpg
Mission Summary
Priority Secondary
Type Delivery
UEC Buy In 0
Start Location Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Thrace Pinter
Requirements Completion of P.I. Wanted
Difficulty Easy
Faction None

Unexpected Inheritance is a delivery mission that can appear after completion of P.I. Wanted, in which Thrace Pinter requests that you return possessions that Kyomi Santos bequeathed to her, after Santos' will came into effect following her death aboard Covalex Hub Gundo.

Mission Brief


So this is a little awkward for me to talk about, but it turns out that one of the people who passed away on that Covalex station disaster, Kyomi Santos, actually bequeathed me something in her will. I was surprised to hear it, but apparantly I'm now the proud owner of everything stored in box #173. The people at Covalex say I'll be able to get it when the station opens back up but ... this is the awkward part ... I kind of really need it right now. Normally I'd just wait, but I'm trying to start my own business (I make cakes in the shape of people's homeworlds) and the credits I get from selling it will really be a huge help. I've got a little bit stashed away now that I can use to pay for someone to deliver it from Gundo to Olisar for me. I know the whole things a little bit irregular, but if there was any other way I wouldn't be asking.

Thanks for the help,