Update:Star Citizen Patch V0.8

Star Citizen build released on 2014-06-04
2014-06-04 - 9 years ago

Star Citizen Patch V0.8 is the the first public build of Arena Commander, it marks the transition from the Hangar Module to the Dogfighting Module. It give every qualified backer access to the Vanduul Swarm and free flight modes and includes the ability to fly the Aurora, 300i and Hornet.

Known Issues


  • No way to easily distinguish dogfighting eligible ships from ineligible ones.
  • There are multiple issues with the persistence system that can cause ship loadouts to not appear and bugs with the helmet in the hangar. Easy workaround for most issues is to delete your “USER” folder inside the game client.
  • Having multiple input devices connected (I.E. Joystick + Gamepad) will cause conflicts between the throttle settings when certain actions are performed like changing flight modes or receiving damage with hit impulses
  • Hangar – Art – X55 debug text appears in key bindings menu
  • Some combinations of computer hardware can sometimes experience graphical glitches and artifacts.
  • Ship collisions with environmental objects needs tuning and refinement for proper damage attribution.
  • All Maps – Gameplay / Weapons – The flare countermeasure doesn’t always cause missiles to miss and follow it
  • Player cockpit animations and enter/exit animations still need some improvements
  • Infrequent crashes still occur during gameplay in special circumstances and after extended periods of play
  • Issues with scoreboard display when awaiting respawn or in 3rd person perspective.
  • Radar and signature system still needs improvement for occlusion handling and a balance pass to increase the variability of radar effectiveness.
  • When ejecting from the ship after the character pulls the ejection handle he tposes for a few frames before ejecting
  • When ejecting at high speeds you go into the cockpit a little bit before impulsing up
  • Particle effect remains indefinitely after gatling gun is destroyed
  • Some users are reporting a bypassable “No Disk in Drive” error when updating
  • Render thread spikes could cause performance issues
  • Bitching Betty may announce ‘system overheating’ at incorrect times
  • Missing chair whilst the player is ejecting in first person view
  • Camera transitions between the three animation states of ejection have large glitching issues.
  • Some foot IK animation errors when walking inside Constellation
  • Camera spins wildly when third person is activated after ejecting
  • On the Aurora the fixed weapon aiming reticule turns green when pointing directly at the target or behind the target’s direction
  • Blacking out can happen too easily sometimes
  • Buggy can sometimes slide around and flip over
  • Buggy can sometimes not accelerate unless turbo is applied (Shift)
  • Badger Repeater weapon geometry becomes offset when fired from the firing range
  • Near impossible to navigate Arena Commander UI using Oculus Rift
  • Some users can experience an issue of falling through the elevator floor when using lower spec machines
  • The Outfit Changer has been temporarily disabled
  • Clicking the launch button on the Arena Commander UI multiple times can cause undesired behavior

Vanduul Swarm

  • All Maps – Vanduul Swarm – Gameplay – If pausing as the game loads into the level, the player will be left on a black screen indefinitely
  • All Ships – Vanduul Swarm / DFM_Survival – Art – There is a green, occasionally graphically corrupt, bar present when the player kills an enemy
  • Vanduul Swarm / DFM_Survival – AI – The Ai controlled wingmen are too quickly overheating their own Gatling guns to the point of destroying them
  • Dying Star – Vanduul Swarm – Gameplay – Wave 7 didn’t spawn in during Vanduul Swarm (only once)
  • No HUD element to show remaining lives

Free Flight

  • All Maps – Freeflight – Gameplay – Difficult to get back onto the landing platform if running and jumping off it in EVA mode
  • Landing gear will not deploy correctly when attempting to land on landing platform


  • Rarely the server will crash at the end of a round.
  • Multiplayer synchronization issues still present under certain conditions
  • Matchmaking and load balancing server technology still needs improvement to ensure fair matches and properly distributed player loads.
  • Player is not told who killed them when killed in any game type
  • Sometimes the client will crash on respawn
  • Sometimes the client will crash on game join
  • Sometimes the server will crash when two players slam into each other and both ships are fully destroyed.
  • Both clients will crash if they crash into each other after the end of the round.
  • Player is unable to respawn if flying through the map boundary while waiting for other players to join.
  • Ship corpse can sometimes rubberband
  • Multiplayer server crashes infrequently occur in particular situations based on gameplay.
  • Low repro crash when you die in Multiplayer
  • Server takes too long to realize a player has left/crashed. Can’t get back on until it has cleared
  • Gatling guns destroy themselves after firing


Arena Commander Launched

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