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Yubarev Electron Pistol

Personal weapon
Yubarev - Front Right.png
Yubarev Electron Pistol
ManufacturerLightning Bolt Co. (LBOC)
TypeElectron Pistol
Range35 m
Ammo Count10
Damage TypeElectron
Rate350 rpm
ImplementedYes (3.10)

Lightning Bolt Co.'s Yubarev Electron Pistol is an electrically powered pistol scheduled for Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0. [1]

In-game description

Engineering excellence only scratches the surface of the distinct Yubarev pistol. Former merc turned weapon manufacturing mogul Irina Arkadova oversaw every aspect of the gun, imbuing it with power, practicality, and panache. Featuring a cutting-edge barrel design, the Yubarev fires a charged electron shot that impacts not only your target but additional conductive targets within range.



The exclusive "Deadeye" edition has a matte black finish with colorful gold highlights. This was a part of the July's 2020 Centurion-level subscriber flair.

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.10.

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