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Difference between revisions of "11-Series Broadsword Cannon"

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Unknown manufacturer
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| REC Cost = 1,200
| REC Cost = 1,200
| Whitley Rating = 1/5
| Whitley Rating = 1/5
| Size = 2
| Size = 3

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11-Series Broadsword
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The KnightBridge Arms 11-Series Longsword is a S3 ballistic Ship to Ship weapon.

Store Description

The 11-Series Broadsword is the cannon pilots come to when they want the 3 D’s: distance, dependability and damage. Packing a 35mm round, the Broadsword also features Mix-Feed Selections, allowing the pilot to switch between their various magazines while in combat.Template:RSIref


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