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2951 Invictus Launch Week

Event organized in 2951 by the United Empire of Earth Navy
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2951 Invictus Launch Week
Event typeIn-game
SubtypeNavy promotion week
OrganizerUnited Empire of Earth Navy
LocationTobin Expo Center
Date startMay 21, 2951 (2951-05-21)
Date endJune 1, 2951 (2951-06-01)
Concept salesUnknown
Commemorative itemsUnknown
Free-fly eventYes;
Accounts without a package can play from May 22 to June 3.
Free rentalsYes (?? hours)
Stock-limited salesUnknown

The 2951 edition of the Invictus Launch Week is held at Tobin Expo Center, microTech from May 21 till June 1, 2951.[1] Invictus Launch Week is a yearly recurring event organized by the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) which marks the beginning of the new recruitment year.[2] It is an official holiday in the UEE.[3]

Event activities

During the event there is:

  • A Free-Fly event allowing users without a Game package to play the game for free. [1]
  • Show floors that display aerospace and defense manufacturers' work designed for the military.[1]
  • Capital navy ships docking at spaceports around the Stanton system [1]
  • Opportunity to tour the inside of the UEES War Hammer, an in-service Javelin destroyer.

Showcase schedule

Showcases are available at Tobin Expo Center, where they rotate different ship brands each several days. All of the ships on display on these days are also available to rent for free for a specific amount of time.

Day 1 - May 21/22 Manufacturers: Roberts Space Industries, Consolidated Outland, Argo Astronautics, Origin Jumpworks
Day 2 - May 23/24 Manufacturers: Aegis Dynamics
Day 3 - May 25/26 Manufacturers: Crusader Industries, Tumbril, MISC
Day 4 - May 27/28 Manufacturers: Anvil Aerospace
Day 5 - May 29/30 Manufacturers: Drake Interplanetary (part of Drake DefenseCon)
Day 6 - May 31/June 1 (Finale)


  • In the weeks leading up to the start of the event, Cloud Imperium developers were continuously teasing with hints, such as a tweet with a picture of a bengal cat in a carrying bag[4]. Fans concluded in the replies to the tweet that this meant we might be seeing a Bengal Carrier during the event.

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