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| Cargo Capacity = 0
| Cargo Capacity = 0
| Length = 13
| Length = 13
| Height = 10
| Height = 3
| Beam = 2
| Beam = 10
| Max. SCM Speed =
| Max. SCM Speed =
| Max. Afterburner Speed =
| Max. Afterburner Speed =

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Infobox Ship The Origin Jumpworks GmbH 85X is a snub fighter that comes with the 890 Jump. Elegantly styled and meticulously constructed, the 85X is a versatile and comprehensive away-vessel for the 890 Jump. Whether descending down to the planet surface or taking in the sights of your system, the 85x will continue the 890’s proud tradition of turning heads. It’s the power of a racer with the reliability of a touring ship. Template:RSIrefTemplate:RSIref


Factory Specifications

Type Max Size Size Manufacturer Model Amount
Power Plant S1 S1 ACOM StarHeart 1
Shields N/A S1 Yorm Targa 1
Cooling System N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Type Max Thrust Rating Thrust Rating Manufacturer Model Amount
Primary Thruster TR1 TR1 N/A N/A 2
Maneuvering Thruster TR1 TR1 N/A N/A 12
Maneuvering Thruster TR1 TR1 N/A N/A 2

Weapon Hardpoints

Max Size Size Manufacturer Model Mount Position Amount
S1 S1 KnightBridge Arms 9-Series Longsword Fixed Wings 2
S2 S1 KnightBridge Arms 9-Series Longsword Gimbal Bottom Turret 2


Ship 85x city.jpg
Ship 85x seats.jpg
Ship 85x cockpit.jpg
Ship 85x cockpit top.jpg
Ship 85x seatpanel.jpg


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