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Size 1 grade C military shield generator manufactured by Gorgon Defender Industries

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| Name = AllStop
| Name = AllStop
| Image =Shield-gen-_0000_allstop.jpg
| Image =Shield-gen-_0000_allstop.jpg
| Manufacturer = Gorgon Defender Industries
| Manufacturer = GODI
| Type = Shield Generator
| Type = Shield Generator
| Size = 1
| Size = 1

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Shield-gen- 0000 allstop.jpg
Manufacturer GODI
Type Shield Generator
Size 1
Grade C
Class Military
Performance 120
Signals 100
Efficiency 95
UEC Price 5150
Locations Levski
Port Olisar

Gorgon Defender Industries first created the AllStop shield generator to hold off the Vanduul. They worked so well that many military crafts were known to prefer the AllStop. Just one of the many reasons to have one on your ship.

The AllStop Shield Generator comes as standard on the Anvil Hurricane, Terrapin, F7A Hornet, F7C-M Super Hornet and Gladiator, the Aegis Gladius and Javelin, the Origin 300i, 315p and 350r, the MISC Hull C, the RSI Bengal and the Esperia Scythe and Glaive replicas.#

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