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Template:Infobox Commodity Antimatter is a commodity which is currently only indirectly described in the lore of Star Citizen.


Antimatter is known to at least the United Empire of Earth, the Xi'an Empire[1] and the Vanduul as a explosive material which is used in warheads[2] and ship drives. Antimatter precursors and antimatter are produced in fabrics. The production process and/or antimatter itself is hazardous.[3][4]

Development in the UEE

Antimatter is used by humans at least since the 28th century, apparently for ship engines.[5][6] An 'antimatter rush' followed the so called 'Glowing Age of the mid-2850s'.[7]

Aberdeen Hurston designed the first antimatter warhead for it's company somewhere between the 2850s and 2912.

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  • Antimatter describes a form of matter, which is composed of anti-particles. Under natural conditions, any produced anti-matter particles instantly reacts with the surrounding particles in a process called 'annihilitation' . Despite its name, all energy is preserved and the process creates i.e. photons.


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