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City on ArcCorp (planet) in the Stanton system
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TypeLanding zone
LocationOn ArcCorp (planet)
FoundedAfter 2920 CE; 31 years ago (2920)

Area18 is one of the main commercial ports for interplanetary traffic for the surrounding region of ArcCorp. Travelers can find a variety of good from trusted names as well as local providers, if they're not overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of this landing zone. Security is taken very seriously on the surface. ArcCorp has enlisted (notorious) private security firm BlacJac Security to maintain the peace. The Observist advises if you have problems, to head to the local UEE Advocacy office instead.Template:RSI

Features a number of the usual stores: CenterMass, Abernathy Interiors, Dumper's Depot, Casaba, et cetera.Template:RSI

Significant Characters


Transit to Riker Memorial Spaceport is available at the Cityflight Transit hub in the Area 18 Plaza with Cityflight Vehicles departing every three to four minutes.


ArcCorp Plaza

ArcCorp Plaza is the main plaza of Area18, which you first enter into when coming from Cityflight Transit. The plaza gives access to all the other zones of Area18. Prominently situated in the center of the plaza is Memphis Avery’s iconic floating sculpture, this piece brilliantly embodies ArcCorp’s industrial yet elegant aesthetic. [1]

The plaza also features the IO-North tower, which is prominently visible from the sky as the tallest spire in the area. IO-North tower is ArcCorp's premier center for business development, featuring 172 levels occupied by various businesses and organizations, like CenterMass, Advocacy, and many more. This building also houses the exclusive Million Mile High Club.

Also notable in ArcCorp Plaza is the Medical Unit and the Trade Development Divison's Jobwell building, where you go for all your official job opportunities.

In a back alley of the plaza sits Tecia Pacheco, a self-called "freelance time manager" for your more "private" jobs.

Zone 1

Zone 1 is a small square featuring several stores, like Casaba Outlet for clothing, and Cubby Blast for weapons and armor. This zone also houses the Adira Falls apartments, where players can rent habitation units for simple personal living space.

Zone 2

In Zone 2 you can find Dumper's Depot, a parts store, and Astro Armada, a ship dealer. Zone 2 is situated directly behind the Adira Falls building and overlooks a large crevasse, bridged by several walkways. Shuttle buses commuting between Area18 and the Spaceport regularly fly through here.

Zone 3

Zone 3 features the G-Loc bar and other small businesses.

Riker Memorial Spaceport

Riker Memorial Spaceport is the hub for leaving and entering Area 18. It was named after noted citizen "Seanriker", a member of a German fan community who had passed away recently.[2] The building has a very unmistakable y-shape when entering the area from orbit. At the spaceport you can call your ships through ASOP terminals to have it delivered to many different sizes of landing pads and hangars. Between the spaceport and Area18 commutes several shuttle buses with Cityflight Transit, bringing players from the spaceport straight into the heart of the landing zone.


Area18 was added in patch 2.0 as a separate menu option and it was the only place where players could buy clothing and wear it. After 3.0 the menu option was removed, and stores were moved to Port Olisar instead. Area 18 is scheduled to return to the Persistent Universe in patch 3.5.



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