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The C2 Hercules Starlifter is a civilian heavy transport manufactured by Crusader Industries. Utilizing the patented Hercules military-grade spaceframe and expanding cargo capacity, while sacrificing barely any firepower, the C2 has taken the private sector by storm. It has become the industry standard for racing teams, ship dealers and manufacturers, construction orgs, mining corporations, and even large-scale touring entertainment outfits.[1]


  • Cargo: The C2 Hercules carries an impressive 696 SCU of cargo within its large hold. Ground vehicles may also be carried, including large vehicles like the Nova, Ballista and Spartan, using the large front and rear ramps for loading.
  • Equipment Stowage: The C2 has 672,000K μSCU of internal storage for personal equipment, six 3,000K μSCU storage units (along the center of engineering), as well as dedicated EVA suit lockers and gun racks in the bridge hallway. The center console in the bridge also houses a small compartment capable of holding 2 small firearms or equipment (such as the multi-tool).
  • Escape Pods: In the circumstance of your ship being close to having a catastrophic failure, Crusader has your back with a set of quick, safe and secure escape pods.
  • Easy Access Components: The ship components can be easily accessed from within the vehicle, allowing you to maintain or repair without the need to go outside the ship.
  • Living Areas: The Starlifter can be a home away from home, thanks to its spacious crew quarters with beds, bathrooms, personal areas and storage. The ship also has a separate crew rest room with seating, kitchen and even a large monitor for watching your favorite vids on the Spectrum.
  • Weapons: With a pair of forward facing pilot controlled Size 5 gun hard-points, which can be discreetly concealed, and a rear facing remote controlled turret that can hold a pair of Size 4 guns, the C2 can hit back hard if required.


Sc-icon-fuelintake.svg Fuel intake
0 L/s0 SCU/s <br />
Fuel port
Sc-icon-fueltank.svg Fuel tank
6,577,500 L6,577.5 SCU <br />
Sc-icon-quantumdrive.svg Quantum drive
Industrial (C)
Sc-icon-quantumfueltank.svg Quantum fuel tank
44,000 L44 SCU <br />
Sc-icon-mainthruster.svg Main thruster
14.915 MN14,915.17 kN <br />3,353,064.453 lbf <br />
29.895 MN29,895.48 kN <br />6,720,772.963 lbf <br />
Sc-icon-maneuveringthruster.svg Maneuvering thruster
8.842 MN8,842.421 kN <br />1,987,855.823 lbf <br />
20.238 MN20,237.64 kN <br />4,549,603.611 lbf <br />


Ship profile


Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Hercules C2 in space - Isometric.jpg
Hercules C2 in space - Above.jpg
Hercules C2 in space - Port.jpg
Hercules C2 in space - Front.jpg
Hercules C2 in space - Rear.jpg
Hercules C2 in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear


Lower deck Upper deck
C2 Hercules Starlifter - Interior Map - Lower Deck.png
C2 Hercules Starlifter - Interior Map - Upper Deck.png

Series variants

Image Name Description
Hercules A2 in space - Isometric.jpg
A2 Hercules Starlifter Focused as a military heavy gunship & bomber.[2]
Hercules M2 in space - Isometric.jpg
M2 Hercules Starlifter A military transport that supports strategic lift & landing operations.[3]


The following paints (skins) can be used on all variants of the Hercules series.

Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
Hercules C2 Argent in space - Isometric.jpg
"Argent" Sliver colour with silver/grey camo and grey accents. [not available] 16.00 [4]
Hercules C2 BIS2951 in space - Isometric.jpg
"Best In Show 2951" Metallic blue colour with dark grey accents. Limited reward for Hercules C2 owners only. [not available] (Reward)
Hercules C2 Cerberus in space - Isometric.jpg
"Cerberus" Dark grey colour with a dark blue sheen coming off it at certain angles of light and dark grey accents. [not available] 11.50 [5]
Hercules C2 Draco in space - Isometric.jpg
"Draco" Goldish colour with dark grey & tan accents. [not available] 11.50 [6]
Hercules C2 Dryad in space - Isometric.jpg
"Dryad" Green camo colour with grey and green accents [not available] 16.00 [7]
Hercules C2 Frostbite in space - Isometric.jpg
"Frostbite" Blueish white colour with grey/black camo pattern and dark grey accents. [not available] 16.00 [8]
Hercules C2 Invictus BG in space - Isometric.jpg
"Invictus Blue & Gold" Blue colour with dark grey & gold accents and a Invictus logo. Only available during the annual Invictus event. [not available] 16.00
Hercules C2 Sylvan in space - Isometric.jpg
"Sylvan" Pale green colour with grey and light grey accents. [not available] 11.50 [9]
Hercules C2 Timberline in space - Isometric.jpg
"Timberline" Olive green colour with dark grey & orange accents. [not available] 11.50 [10]

Universe availability



The Hercules was introduced in 2018-05-03 in the Around the Verse episode.[11] The ship concept is designed by Michael Oberschneider (Senior Conceptist) in Foundry 42 UK with contributions from Sarah McCulloch (Conceptist), Paul Jones (Art Director), Corentin Billemont (Systems Designer), John Crewe (Lead Technical Designer).[12]


  • The term Starlifter was originally referred to Genesis Starlifter, a variant of the Genesis Starliner. According to the 2018-05-04 episode of Reverse the Verse, the Genesis Starlifter has been retconned and replaced by the Hercules Starlifter.[13]
  • Hercules is the first ship in the Star Citizen universe designed to transport tanks (such as the Nova).

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