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The Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition is a special variant of the C8 Pisces. It can be stored inside the Carrack and can be launched from its hangar bay. The ship is meant for scouting, reconnaissance and exploring environments inaccessible to the Carrack. It also features two additional jump seats for extra passengers. It also contains space for 4 SCU of cargo.[1] Additionally, while it doesn't come equipped with one standard, the ship can also be equipped with a Jump Module.[2] The C8X variant is recognizable by its slightly whiter paint job than the standard C8 Pisces, and it has four weapon hardpoints instead of two.[3] During the 2949 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo it was made available on the pledge store for US$45.


  • Cargo: The Pisces is capable of carrying up to 4 SCU of cargo as well as internal stowage for up to 4000k μSCU and all easily accessible thanks to its rear door-ramp.
  • Jump Seats: As well as the cargo, the C8 also has the capability to carry 2 passengers safely thanks to its two jump seats.
  • Weapons: Even though the vehicle is a light transporter, the ship has a four of Size 1 guns as well as a pair of Size 1 missiles installed to help defend itself.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
C8X in space - Isometric.jpg
C8X in space - Above.jpg
C8X in space - Port.jpg
C8X in space - Front.jpg
C8X in space - Rear.jpg
C8X in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear

Series variants

Image Name Description
C8 in space - Isometric.jpg
C8 Pisces The original C8 Pisces is designed to be the 'runabout' vehicle for the Carrack explorer and is capable of being stored inside it. The ship has a grey paint scheme and features two gun hard-points instead of four. The C8 was never sold as a standalone pledge.
C8R in space - Isometric.jpg
C8R Pisces Rescue Medical variant of the C8 Pisces


Universe availability



The C8 series is downsized from size 2 to 1 in Alpha 3.17.1, allowing it to be spawned in locations with size 1 landing pad such as surface outposts.[4]

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