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Cargo Retrieval

Search mission from Covalex Independent Contractors]] / [[Red Wind|Red Wind Linehaul]] / [[Banshee Courier Services]] / [[Rapid Transport Solutions]] / [[Timely Delivery Service
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Cargo Retrieval
Priority General
Type Search
UEC Pay 9000
Start Location Hurston AO / ArcCorp / Crusader AO
Faction Unified Distribution Management / Covalex Independent Contractors / Red Wind Linehaul / Banshee Courier Services / Rapid Transport Solutions / Timely Delivery Service

The mission Cargo Retrieval tasks the player with retrieving a 0.25 SCU cargo crate from a shipwreck and returning it to a landing zone. There is a chance of enemy encounters.


  • Cargo Retrieval
  • Cargo Assist
  • Need a Hand
  • Lost in Space
  • Lost Cargo


"A (Ship Model) transport was attacked and destroyed while en route to (Landing Zone). Local authorities have been notified, but the client still requires delivery of their package of (Commodity), so we need someone to extract the shipment from the (Ship Model)'s last known position and complete the intended delivery to (Landing Zone). When approaching the site, stay alert, Outlaws have been known to operate in that area."


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