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Currently known characters featuring in [[Star Citizen]] and/or [[Squadron 42]], sorted by [[race]].
See [[Project:Characters]] for the work that was here before.
== [[Banu]] ==
See [[Non-player_Character]] for information about the different types of Non-Player Characters.
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! Name !! Role !! Unit !! Faction !! Appears in !! Actor
See [[:Category:Mission_Givers]] for information about characters who deliver missions.
== [[Human|Humans]] ==
{{DPLCat Characters}}
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! Name !! Role !! Unit !! Faction !! Appears in !! Actor
| [[Player (Male)]] || N/A || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Ian Duncan
| [[Player (Female)]] || N/A || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Ernst Bishop]] || Admiral || 2nd Fleet || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Gary Oldman
| [[Steve 'Old man' Colton]] || Lt. Cdr. || 5th Fleet || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Mark Hamill
| [[Randall Graves]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || John Rhys-Davies
| [[Captain Noah White]] || Captain || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Liam Cunningham
| [[Cal Mason]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Jack Huston
| [[Captain MacLaren]] || Captain || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Gillian Anderson
| [[Eugene Morrow]] || Chief Engineer || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Executive Officer Kelly]] || Lt. Cdr. || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Rhona Mitra
| [[Petty Officer Webster]] || Chief Mechanic || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Aaron Seetow]] || Flight Operator || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Claude]] || N/A || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Connie Hayes]] || Starman || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Joaquim]] || N/A || N/A || [[UEE]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Unknown
| [[Nayara 'Pusher' Fell]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Sandi Gardiner
| [[Sergeant Grey]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Avin Shah
| [[Petty Officer Tyler Ford]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Jennifer Marshall
| [[Aciedo Slaver]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Bentley Kalu
| [[Marcus Corell]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Damson Idris
| [[Gunnery Officer 'Gunny']] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Mark Caven
| [[Shift Miner #1]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Iain Batchelor
| [[Goofy / Gunner #1]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Ben Hall
| [[Background Soldier]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Joe Weintraub
| [[Conrad Vex]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Tom Christian
| [[Fighter Pilot]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Pano Masti
| [[Mess Hall CM #1 / Marine #2]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Ethan Kai
| [[News Anchor]] || N/A || N/A || N/A || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Cristina Dohmen
| [[Miles Eckhart]] || Head of Security || N/A || Pirate || [[Star Citizen|SC]] || Unknown
| [[Lucas 'Gilly' Bramasco]] || Lt. Cdr. || N/A || [[UEE]] || Tutorial || Unknown
| [[Khalil Carr]] || Lead Engineer || [[Androtti Racing]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Jan Saperstein]] || Chief Mechanic || [[Androtti Racing]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Cassius Thornton]] || Independent Security Expert || Unknown || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[David Golovkin]] || Assistant Director || [[UEE Advocacy|Advocacy]]’s Office of Public Affairs || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Charmaine Alvarez]] || Professor of Criminology || [[Terra University]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Terrence Morrow]] || Crime Reporter || [[New United NewsOrg]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Esen Landari]] || Talk-Show Host || [[Something Every Tuesday]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Kelos Costigan]] || Incumbent [[Imperator]] || [[UEE]] Government || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Adam Locke]] || Horror Film Director  || Unknown || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Michala Doso]] || Xenozoologist || Unknown || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Jules Parliegh]] || Lead Ship Designer || [[Roberts Space Industries (Manufacturer)|Roberts Space Industries]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Patrice Wintle]] || Interior Decorator || [[Roberts Space Industries (Manufacturer)|Roberts Space Industries]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Marshall Madrigal]] || Speaker (U – Borea – Magnus Sys) || [[UEE Senate|UEE Congress]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Rachel Lester]] || Incumbent Senator (T – Vann – Croshaw Sys) || [[UEE Senate|UEE Congress]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Yates]] || Archivist || [[UEE Senate|UEE Congress]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Octavia Beate]] || Incumbent Senator (U – Asura – Ferron Sys) || [[UEE Senate|UEE Congress]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Corbyn Salehi]] || [[Imperator]] || [[UEE]] Government || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Tessa Bannister]] || Second Class Junior Cartographer || [[ICC Probe 849]] || [[UEE]] || [[ICC Probe 849]] || Sophie Wu
| [[Mark Derren]] || Lt. Cdr. / Explorer / Pilot || [[UEE Navy]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[McManus]] || Explorer / Pilot || [[UEE Navy]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Teague]] || Explorer / Flight Mechanic || [[UEE Navy]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Eria Quint]] || Debate Moderator || [[Showdown]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Nicholas 'Nick' Croshaw]] || Explorer / Pilot || Unknown || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Dr. Janelle Taglion]] || Economist / Writer || Unknown || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Darcy Lizu]] || Lead Researcher || [[Imperial Cartography Center]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Jester]] || Broadcaster || [[B0otyCall]] || Outlaw || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Eric]] || Broadcaster || [[Outlaw Roll Call]] || Outlaw || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Parker Terrell]] || Talk-Show Host || [[Plain Truth]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Craig Burton]] || Broadcaster || [[Clean Shot]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Kari Ann]] || Associate Producer || [[Clean Shot]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Skinny]] || Technology Journalist || [[Clean Shot]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Xavier Yu]] || Humanitarian Aid || [[Empire’s Overlooked]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Lars Gonall]] || Talk-Show Host || [[Spectrum Spectator]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Daisy Wences]] || Talk-Show Host || [[Spectrum Spectator]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Callum Robb]] || Actor || [[Lost Squad (Serie)]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Don Cinloa]] || Actor || [[Lost Squad (Serie)]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Terrence Akari]] || Senator (Terra - Terra Sys) || [[UEE Senate|UEE Congress]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Linton Messer XI]] || [[Imperator]] || [[UEE]] Government || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Erin Toi]] || [[Imperator]] || [[UEE]] Government || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Ramon Coen]] || Ambassador to the Xi’An Empire || [[UEE]] Government || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Garret Coliga]] || Talk-Show Host || [[Tracker (Official Bounty Hunter Guild News)]] || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Tre Wiebo]] || Eco-Terrorist || Unknown || Outlaw || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [['Hot' Rod Rettenmund]] || Shipjacker || Unknown || Pirate || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Louise Boyd]] || Bounty Hunter || Freelance || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
| [[Dr. Kellar Lench]] || Scientist || New Horizons Research Institute || [[UEE]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A
== [[Kr'Thak]] ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! Role !! Unit !! Faction !! Appears in !! Actor
== [[Tevarin]] ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! Role !! Unit !! Faction !! Appears in !! Actor
== [[Vanduul]] ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! Role !! Unit !! Faction !! Appears in !! Actor
| [[Thul'Oqquray]] || Thul || N/A || [[Vanduul]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Andy Serkis
| [[Oqquray]] || Oqquray || N/A || [[Vanduul]] || [[Squadron 42|SQ42]] || Patrice Maiambana
== [[Xi'An]] ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! Role !! Unit !! Faction !! Appears in !! Actor
| [[Emperor Kray]] || Emperor || N/A || [[Xi'An Empire]] || [[Spectrum Dispatch]] || N/A

Latest revision as of 13:00, 27 November 2018

See Project:Characters for the work that was here before.

See Non-player_Character for information about the different types of Non-Player Characters.

See Category:Mission_Givers for information about characters who deliver missions.

Name Race Role Faction Actor
Aaron Fring Human Artist UEE
Aaron Seetow Human Jonathan Bailey
Abeni Okon Human Historical Figure - First Human born off Earth UEE
Aberdeen Hurston Human
Ada McDonough Human Ace Pilot UEE
Adaliz Dayan Human UEE
Adina Kristof Human
Ahmad Harar Human Explorer
Alan Nuevo Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Circus Szalewski
Aldo Braga Human Neil McDermott
Alexandria Dougan Human Outlaw
Alisa Lee Human Senator (U-Keene-Kilian Sys) UEE
Altruis Hedeby Human Founder of Hedeby Gunworks
Amon Murray Human Founder of the Murray Cup UEE
Anden Arden Human CEO of Drake Interplanetary
Andrea Escudero Human Advocacy - SC - Odin UEE
Anthony Tanaka Human Martyr UEE
Antoine Lebec Human NavJumper, discoverer of Nul System UEE
Archibald Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UPE
Archivist Yates Unknown Archivist for the UEE Senate archive UEE
Arcturus Koerner Human Head of Bremen Mills
Aria Reilly Human Captain, UEES Caspian UEE
Arial Hurston Human 3rd CEO of Hurston Dynamics
Arlow Gellis Human Anthropologist UEE
Arthur Nassir Human Founder of Aeroview Hangars
Arthur Warro Human Economic Strategist, architect of the Polo Initiative UEE
Assan Kieren Human Governor UEE
Atsuki Evan Human Senator (retired) UEE
August Beck Human Eleanor Matsuura
Avi Lakata Human Mechanic UEE
Bao Yun Human Explorer
Baron Von Dool Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Becca Farneway Human Gemma Whelan
Beck Russum Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Sandi Gardiner
Ben Warden Human Political strategist UEE
Bernadine Clent Human Beam operater UEE
Bilal Ryu Human Advocacy - ASC - Odin UEE
Blindside Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Bloodhound Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Cal Mason Human Pilot, UEE 2nd Fleet UEE Jack Huston
Cara Webster Human Crew of UEES Stanton Sophie Wu
Carl Dyson Human Explorer
Carla Larry Human Explorer
Cass Vallon Human Communications Officer Kezia Burrows
Cassius Thornton Human Security expert
Cedric Cochran Human Admiral, Member of UEE's High-Command UEE
Celeste Zabkar Human
Chad Fawley Human
Charlotte Hussion Human CEO of Esperia Inc.
Chris Roberts (lore) Human Founder of Roberts Space Industries
Clair Rios Human Owner of Cafe Musain People’s Alliance of Levski
Clark Kumai Human Advocacy - SC - Oya UEE
Claude Desaily Human Charlie Anson
Clay Harren Human Senator (U-Kampos-Ellis Sys) UEE
Clor Vee Human Owner of Cubby Blast Outlaw (former)
Clovus Darneely Human Salvage Contractor
Colt Legrande Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Xavier J. Watson
Condi Hillard Human Historical Figure, Fought against the Vanduul at Armitage UEE
Connie Hayes Human Elsie Bennett
Conrad Vex Human Tom Christian
Constantine Hurston Human Jr. Outsourcing Agent for Hurston Dynamics UEE
Corath'Thal Tevarin Tevarin Warlord
Corbyn Salehi Human Imperator of the UEE UEE
Corsen Messer Human Fifth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Cothi Bat-Thel-Ma Banu Explorer
Craig Burton Human Host of the Spectrum series Clean Shot UEE
Dahunsil Kosoko Human Explorer UEE
Dalton Colabello Human Founder and current CEO of Apocalypse Arms UEE
Damon Huerta Human Explorer UEE
Daniela Agren Human Senator (UIdris) UEE
Daniello Trebisch Human
Danny Solomon Human Police Patroller UEE
Dao Wynn Human Ace Pilot UEE
Darryl Misko Human President, Open Canopy Racing League
Deathwish Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Deborah Gilbert Human
Demian Ward Human Lieutenant (retired) UEE
Diyo Nikolas Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Dominic Thapa Human
Donna Atar Human
Double E Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Duncan Chakma Human
Edward Aemile Human Senator (C-Aremis-Vega Sys) UEE
Edward Nogel Human Historian UEE
Elisa Perkins Human
Eliza Anderson Human
Ellroy Cass Human Celebrity, party organizer UEE
Eria Quint Human Host of Showdown! UEE
Erin Toi Human Twelfth Imperator of the UEE, immediately following the Messer Era UEE
Ernst Bishop Human Admiral, UEE 2nd Fleet UEE Gary Oldman
Errol Gans Human Senator (CLockeIdris) UEE
Errol Navis Human Explorer
Esen Landari Human Host of Something Every Tuesday UEE
Eslin Macken Human Manager of Origin-1 Landing Zone People’s Alliance of Levski
Eugene Morrow Human Stephen Bisland
Evan Behring Human Founder of Behring
Evelyn Ishitaka Human Polly Eachus
Felix Gibraltar Human UEE
Fessel Quinn Human Senator (TGreenEllis Sys) UEE
Fiona Messer Human UEE
Gabrielle Graciàn Human Governor (C-Jalan-Elysium Sys) and Senatorial Candidate 2946 UEE
Galen Whishaw Human Vice Admiral, Research & Development Division UEE
Galor Messer Human Ninth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Garvin Snarm Human Inventor of standardized weapon mounts UEE
Gavin Arlington Human CEO of Shubin Interstellar UEE
Gavin E. Hurston Human CEO of Hurston Dynamics UEE
Genly Maupin Human Son of Juliet Maupin who named Genly Engineering Solutions after him. UEE
Ghaith Riberio Human Racer (Retired? Underground?)
Ghata Veras Human Senator (C-Lo-Corel) UEE
Giani Abir Human Daniel Ben Zenou
Grace Bedford Human Andrea Deck
Graham Yury Human Daniel Ings
Hajime Davis Human Advocacy - ASC - Oya UEE
Hester Polaris Human Historical Figure - CMDR Hester Polaris, namesake of the Polaris UPE
Hideo Uto Human Senator (CSeverusKiel Sys) UEE
Illyana Messer Human Sixth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Illyana Sharrad Human High-Secretary of the UEE UEE
Imperator Coley Human Former Imperator of the UEE UEE
Isiah Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UPE
Ita Hurston Human UPE
Ivar Messer Human First Imperator of the UEE UEE
J. Harris Arnold Human Founder of Anvil Aerospace
CEO of Anvil Aerospace
Lead Designer of Anvil Aerospace
Jadier Clark Human Silas Carson
Jan Dredge Human Board member of Drake Interplanetary
Janna Thurville Human Senator (T-Severus-Kiel Sys) UEE
Janus Artificial Intelligence Artemis Ship AI
Jax McCleary Human Host of Galactic Tour UEE
Jeda Cavendash Human Senator, Madame Witness - (C-Earth-Sol Sys) UEE
Jegger Human Traveller
Jenk Gallen Human Freelance Hauler UEE
Jennifer Friskers Human Current CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH
Jesper Donovin Human UEE
Jim Hester Human Proprietor of "Diamond Jim's Fuelporium", now presumed deceased. UEE
Joaquim Steiger Human Malachi Kirby
Johnathan Burton Human Advocacy - SAC - Oya UEE
Jon Dredge Human Former CEO of Drake Interplanetary
Joyce Teño Human General Manager of Nemo Crashers UEE
Julian Wexler Human Director of Archon Facilities UEE Ben Mendelsohn
Julie Nadir Human Advocacy Agent UEE
Juliet Maupin Human Aegis Dynamics engineer, weapon and scanner designer UEE
Junger Ries Human Senator (CLoronaBanshee Sys) UEE
Kain Yolsen Human Former acting CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH
Kamur Dalion Human Historical Figure, Pilot, Battle of Idris IV UEE
Katherine Oliver Human Explorer
Kellar Lench Human Scientist, discovered the Elysium System
Kelos Albervar Human Senator (TTerraTerra Sys) UEE
Kelos Costigan Human Current Imperator of the UEE UEE Ortwin Freyermuth
Kerry Semler Human
Kerry Senler Human
Kyle Polo Human Senator (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys) UEE
Kyle Valentino human Founder of the Lonely Hearts Dragonfly Club
Lana Stark Human General UEE Army at Oso II UEE
Lane Corpos Human Administrator UEE
Lars Neuer Human Parker Sawyers
Lavinia Wallingford Human High Command - Legatus Navium - UEE UEE
Leech Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Leona Sono Human Explorer
Lev Cronenberg Human Patron & Co-Owner of G-Loc Bar
Linton Messer Human Eleventh Imperator of the UEE, Last of the Messer Era UEE
Lisa Danvers Human Captain of the Artemis
Little King Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Livia Fenner Human High-Secretary, influential in the introduction of UEC UEE
Livia Haskel Human Chief Medical Engineer of BiotiCorp; head of the Project Calliope
Livia Messer Human Third Imperator of the UEE UEE
Louise Boyd Human Bounty hunter working on cold cases
Luca Brunt Human Race Organizer
Luis Bellosa Human Steven Hartley
Luther Corvin Human Tom Gill
Magda Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UEE
Marcus Carino Human Militia Leader
Marie Sante Human NavJumper, discoverer of the Horus System
Marshall Leon Human Thirteenth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Marshall Madrigal Human Senator, Speaker UEE
Martha Shubin Human CEO and Founder of Shubin Interstellar UEE
Mas Houlan Banu Outlaw
Meredith Aguilar Human Racer (Open Canopy Racing League)
Messer II Human Second Imperator of the UEE UEE
Messer IV Human Fourth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Michael Alstead Human Ben Peel
Michael Callum Human BlacJac Security Rep BlacJac Security
Miles Eckhart Human William Meredith
Mira Ngo Human Senator (T-Terra-Terra Sys) UEE
Nadir Corr Human Senator (U-Jalan-Elysium Sys) UEE
Nayara Fell Human Nayara "Pusher" Fell SQ42 UEE Sandi Gardiner
Neil Nyemeto Human Explorer
Nescus Tevarin Tevarin Dictator
Nick Croshaw Human Discoverer of the first Jump Point (Sol-Croshaw) UEE
Nicole Loewe Human
Noah White Human Captain, UEES Stanton Liam Cunningham
Nomi Rao Human Senator (Cestulus-Davien Sys) UPE
Octavia Beate Human Senator (UAsuraFerron Sys) UEE
Omar Salif Human
Parker Terrell Human Journalist
Payday Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Peter B. Hartwell Human Senator (C-Vega Sys) UEE
Peter Upshaw Human Advocacy - High Advocate - UEE UEE
Pirate Prisoner 1 Human OMC Stephen Wight
Pirate Prisoner 2 Human OMC Matthew Jure
Player characters Human Playable Character UEE (Squadron 42)
Various (Persistent Universe)
Ian Duncan (Male)
Unknown (Female)
Rachel Lester Human Senator (T-Vann-Croshaw Sys) UEE
Rachel MacLaren Human Captain, UEES Gauntlet UEE Gillian Anderson
Randall Graves Human UEE John Rhys-Davies
Reaper Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Rebecca Trejo Human Advocacy - SAC - Odin UEE Eleanor Tomlinson
Recco Battaglia Human Mining Contract Organizer People’s Alliance of Levski Ania Sowinski
Riley Rudin Human Journalist for the Terra Gazette
Robert Thorn Human High Advocate United Planets of Earth
Rod Rettenmund Human Ship hijacker Outlaw
Rook Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Russel Valem Human Inventor
Ruto Private Contractor Outlaw Ortwin Freyermuth (hologram)
Ryan Enright Human Pilot, UEE 2nd Fleet UEE Henry Cavill
Sakae Marigold Human Transitionalist Nominee for Senate (2946) UEE
Sam Doherty Human Retired Captain UEE
Samuel Messer VIII Human Eighth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Samuel Messer VII Human Seventh Imperator of the UEE UEE
Sato Karne Human OMC Harry Treadaway
Scire facias Human Info Runner
Scott Childress Human Engineer of Quantum Core Engine in RSI
Sean Debinavi Human Senator (U-Angeli-Croshaw) UEE
Siegfried Behr Human Arkie Reece
Silas Koerner Human Founder of Consolidated Outland
CEO of Consolidated Outland
Solomon Hurston Human Founder of Hurston Dynamics UPE
Sophia Kelly Human Rhona Mitra
Spenser Gallo Human Jane Perry
Steve Colton Human Steve "Old Man" Colton, Lt Cdr SQ42 UEE Mark Hamill
Suj Kossi Tevarin First Tevarin Senator (U-Elysium IV-Elysium Sys) UEE
Taisei Jessop Human Founder and former CEO of Talon Weapon Systems
Tecia Pacheco Human Drug Dealer Katrina Nare
Ted Santos Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Terrence Akari Human Senator (? – Terra – Terra Sys) UEE
Terrence Morrow Human Crime Reporter UEE
Terrence Naban Human UEE
Tessa Bannister Human
Tetsuo Shima Human Senator (T- CestulusDavien Sys) UEE
The Priest Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Thessaly Tayac Human Scientist working on the Vespa Project UEE
Thomas Carmody Human Advocacy - Director - UEE UEE
Thomas Wade Human Captain, UEES Krugeri UEE Mark Strong
Thul'Óqquray Vanduul Vanduul Leader Vanduul Andy Serkis
Torsi Leelk Xi’an Diplomat to the UEE from Xi’an Empire Xi’an
Tracey Glenn Human Senator (USaiseiCentauri Sys) UEE
Tre Wiebo Human Eco-terrorist in Gurzil
Turson Haskel Human Senator (U-Asura-Ferron Sys) UEE
Twayng Kray Xi’an Emperor of the Xi’an Empire Xi’an
Tyler Ford Human Jennifer Marshall
Ulysses Messer Human Tenth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Vat Tagaca Human OMC Craig Fairbrass
Vernon Tar Human NavJumper
Victor Skovira Human Senator (CEarthSol Sys) UEE
Victoria Hutchins Human Journalist for Empire Report UEE Kimberly Kral
Vita Perry Human Founder of the Church of the Journey UEE
Voodoo (pilot) Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Wallace Klim Human Drug Chemist
Warden Vol Human Senator (T-Goss Sys) UEE
Weó Kray Xi’an Emperor of the Xi’an Empire Xi’an
Will Haines Human Leemore Marrett Jr.
Will McCain Human Senator (UCestulusDavien Sys) UEE
William Fallows Human
Woodrow Tannen Human Peter Silverleaf
Wraith Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Yann Isher Human Senator UEE
Yanna Coso Human Ambassador sent to represent the UEE to the Xi’an Empire UEE
Yori Co Human Senator (CGreenEllis Sys) UEE

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