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Event Date Location Type
GDC Online 2012 October 10th 2012 Austin, USA Press Event
RSI Prime Livestream June 28th 2013 N/A Livestream
Gamescom 2013 August 22nd 2013 Cologne, Germany Open Venue
CitizenCon 2013 October 20th 2013 Austin, USA Open Venue
Anniversary Livestream 2013 November 26th 2013 N/A Livestream
PAX South 2014 January 24th 2014 San Antonio, USA Open Venue
PAX East 2014 April 10th 2014 Boston, USA Open Venue
Gamescom 2014 August 15th 2014 Cologne, Germany Open Venue
CitizenCon 2014 October 10th, 2014 Los Angeles, USA Open Venue
Holiday Livestream 2014 December 20th 2014 N/A Livestream
PAX South 2015 January 23rd 2015 San Antonio, USA Open Event
PAX East 2015 March 7th 2015 Boston, USA Open Event
SXSW 2015 March 13th 2015 Austin, USA Open Event
Gamescom 2015 August 7th 2015 Cologne, Germany Open Event
CitizenCon 2015 October 10th 2015 Manchester, UK Open Event
Anniversary Livestream 2015 November 19th 2015 N/A Livestream
Holiday Livestream 2015 December 16th 2015 N/A Livestream
Gamescom 2016 August 19th 2016 Cologne, Germany Open Event
CitizenCon 2016 October 9th 2016 Los Angeles, USA Open Event
Anniversary Livestream 2016 November 19th 2016 N/A Livestream
Holiday Livestream 2016 December 16th 2016 N/A Livestream
Gamescom 2017 August 25th 2017 Cologne, Germany Open Venue
CitizenCon 2017 October 27th 2017 Frankfurt, Germany Open Venue
Anniversary Special 2017 November 24th 2017 -
December 1st 2017
N/A Video
Holiday Special 2017 December 22nd 2017 N/A Video
CitizenCon 2018 October 10th 2018 Austin, USA Open Event

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