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[[Category:Gameplay Mechanics]]
Missions can be found on the Contract Manager application on the [[mobiGlas]]. They come in multiple varieties, can form mission chains, offer rewards and potentially have branching outcomes. Some missions are procedurally generated from lists, while others are predefined. With the Contract Manager, after carefully reading all the information, you can apply for and accept job offers directly from your mobiGlas. Once you have accepted a contract, from the Accepted tab you will be able to see a detailed list of objectives, and can now also track and untrack contracts to have it sync with your [[Skyline]] app, as well as cancel contracts already in progress. [[microTech]] and mobiGlas do not endorse or guarantee any contracts listed in the Contract Manager and are not responsible for any risks associated with accepting uncertified contracts. microTech and mobiGlas are not accountable for any and all repercussions related to abandoning contracts.
The Contract Manager has five tabs:
This tab gathers and displays available local contracts which have been [[Business and Labor Administration]] (BLA) certified to meet [[UEE]] and local law requirements.
These are offers being sent to your account specifically. Users are encouraged to be cautious accepting unsolicited contracts from unknown sources. The same subcategories from Primary also apply to Personal.
Once you accept an offer, the contract is moved to this tab so that you can quickly access important information relating to it.
When a contract comes to end, either through successful completion or by other means, the record of it is kept here for reference.
== Appointments ==
These are typically offers used to coordinate and schedule in person meetings.
*[[Battaglia Intro]], [[Battaglia Has Job]]
*[[Clovus Intro]], [[Clovus Has Job]]
*[[Meet Miles Legal]], [[Meet Miles Illegal|Illegal]], [[Miles Has Job]]
*[[Ruto Intro]], [[Ruto Has Job]]
== Bounty Hunter ==
Contracts to pursue and track down specific, possibly dangerous individuals.
*[[Confirm Kill]]
*[[CryAstro Crime 1]], [[CryAstro Crime 2|2]], [[CryAstro Crime 3|3]]
*[[HD Activist Assassination]]
*[[Hurston Assassination]]
*[[Miles Assassination]]
*[[Miles Bounty]]
*[[Player Bounty]]
*[[Ruto Assassination]], [[Ruto Confirm Kill|Confirm Kill]]
*[[UGF Assassination]]
== ECN ==
Contracts received through the [[Emergency Communication Network]] system.
*[[Combat Assist]]
*[[Service Beacon Combat Assist]], [[Service Beacon Personal Transport|Personal Transport]]
== Delivery ==
Transport-related contracts to move cargo and goods between locations.
*[[Battaglia Deliver Ore]], [[Battaglia Recover Cargo|Recover Cargo]], [[Battaglia Recover Stolen|Recover Stolen]]
*[[FTL Delivery]], [[Ling Family Delivery]], [[Red Wind Delivery]], [[Covalex Delivery]], [[Covalex Random Delivery]]
*[[HD Activist Steal Item]]
*[[Miles Collect Cargo Legal]], [[Miles Deliver Cargo Lawful|Deliver Cargo Lawful]], [[Miles Planet Collect Drug|Planet Collect Drug]], [[Miles Planet Collect Steal|Planet Collect Steal]], [[Miles Recover Stolen|Recover Stolen]], [[Miles Space Collect Steal|Space Collect Steal]]
*[[Planet Collect Drug]], [[Planet Collect Food|Food]], [[Planet Collect Illegal Waste|Illegal Waste]], [[Planet Collect Legal|Legal]], [[Planet Collect Meds|Meds]], [[Planet Collect Ore|Ore]], [[Planet Collect Ore Sample|Ore Sample]], [[Planet Collect Research|Research]], [[Planet Collect Seeds|Seeds]], [[Planet Collect Steal|Steal]], [[Planet Collect Waste|Waste]]
*[[Recover Stolen]]
*[[Ruto Intro Mission]], [[Ruto Planet Collect Body|Planet Collect Body]], [[Ruto Planet Collect Drug|Drug]], [[Ruto Planet Collect Steal|Steal]], [[Ruto Planet Collect Waste|Waste]], [[Ruto Space Cargo Illegal|Space Cargo Illegal]], [[Ruto Space Steal|Space Steal]]
*[[Space Cargo Legal]], [[Space Cargo Illegal|Illegal]], [[Space Collect Legal|Collect Legal]], [[Space Steal|Steal]]
*[[Steal Item]]
*[[UGF Steal]]
== Investigation ==
Used by insurance companies and individuals to acquire information. Also utilizes a data submission tool to allow users to submit applicable information to the client from the Accepted tab. Users may choose to submit their data to the client at any point, whether the matter has been fully investigated or not. Any complications to arise from this are the solely the responsibility of the user.
*[[Battaglia Black Box]], [[Battaglia Search Body|Search Body]], [[Battaglia Search Crew|Search Crew]]
*[[Black Box Legal]], [[Black Box Illegal|Illegal]]
*[[Clovus Safe]]
*[[Crusader Scavenger Hunt]]
*[[ICC Assistance (series)]]
*[[Miles Black Box Legal]], [[Miles Black Box Illegal|Illegal]], [[Miles Missing Person|Missing Person]]
*[[Missing Persons Planet]]
*[[P.I. Wanted]]
*[[Ruto Black Box Illegal]]
*[[Search Body]], [[Search Crew|Crew]]
*[[Vending Machine Theft]] (untracked)
== Maintenance ==
Jobs that require manual labor and trade skills such as repair work or hazardous material handling.
*[[Acquire Part Prevent]]
*[[Clovus Acquire Part]], [[Clovus Blade Steal|Blade Steal]]
*[[Comm Array Hack]], [[Comm Array Repair|Repair]]
*[[Crusader Wanted Tutorial]]
*[[Deploy Probe]], [[Deploy Piggyback|Piggyback]]
*[[Destroy Blade]], [[Destroy Probe Legal|Probe Legal]], [[Destroy Probe Illegal|Illegal]]
*[[Disable Comm Arrays 1]], [[Disable Comm Arrays 2|2]], [[Disable Comm Arrays 3|3]]
*[[Hurston Destroy Blade]]
*[[Outpost Repair]]
*[[Panel Repair]]
*[[Ruto Comm Hack]], [[Ruto Deploy Piggyback|Deploy Piggyback]], [[Ruto Outpost Repair|Outpost Repair]]
*[[Vending Repair]]
*[[Wanted Tutorial]]
== Mercenary ==
Offers in which the contractor is expected to have combat training, such as escort and security work.
*[[Base Sweep]]
*[[Battaglia Escort]], [[Battaglia Sector Sweep]]
*[[Defend ICC Probe]]
*[[Derelict Clean Up]]
*[[Escort Safety]], [[Escort Scan]]
*[[Kareah Assault]], [[Kareah Defender]], [[Kareah Station Hackers]], [[Kareah Station Security]], [[Kareah Sweep]]
*[[Kill Comm Techs]]
*[[Miles Escort Scan]], [[Miles Sweep Legal]]
*[[Outpost Clean Up]]
*[[Player Hunted]]
*[[Ruto Distraction]], [[Ruto Sector Sweep]]
*[[Sector Sweep]]
== Racing ==
*[[Death Race]]
*[[GrimHEX Race]]
*[[Scramble Race]]
== Mining ==

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