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The MISC Reliant series is a starter ship line that utilizes advanced Xi’an designs, features broad, sleek wings, omni-directional thrusters and a fully-articulated two-seat cockpit that supports horizontal and vertical flight modes.


Series Variants

Reliant Kore

Reliant Kore Landing in New Babbage Alpha 3.9.jpg
With the Reliant Kore, MISC adds to its already impressive lineup of ships, a smaller introductory-class spacecraft. With a larger carrying capacity than many ships in its class makes the Kore a natural choice for short-range hauling, or with the simple addition of a few optional components, this can-do ship can do anything you dream of.

Reliant Mako

The Empire depends on up-to-the-second information, which is why reporters need to be able to go where the news is happening: wherever, whenever. Enter the Mako, all the flexibility and dependability of a MISC Reliant combined with a state of the art Image Enhancement suite and turret-mounted optics to capture every moment as it happens with the clarity and accuracy that makes headlines.

Reliant Sen

Reliant Sen Formation Alpha 3.9.jpg
Magellan, Pierce, Croshaw, names that echo through history thanks to their adventurous spirit, a curious nature and a reliable ship. The Reliant Sen is a versatile mobile science platform; outfitted with long range capabilities to take you further, longer, and an advanced sensor suite. Perfect for the aspiring explorer who wants to whisper their name into the halls of history.

Reliant Tana

Reliant Tana Formation Alpha 3.9.jpg
With Humanity ever-expanding through the universe, the need for a versatile lightweight fighter has expanded with it. Easy to maintain with a rugged construction, the Reliant Tana makes for an ideal choice for frontier and outpost defense thanks to its custom high-yield power plant, stronger shields and additional weapon mounts.


In 2946, following on the success of the Freelancer “Built for Life” campaign, MISC has begun development of a smaller, introductory-class spacecraft that can be operated by a single pilot. The "Boomerang" project, later known as the Reliant, was developed in both the main MISC plant located in Saisei and the Xi’an MISC plant located in Shorvu by lead designer Edward Alburn and lead engineer Monica Feyez.[1] The ship series is designed to compete with the RSI Aurora and the Consolidated Outland Mustang.[2]


The MISC Reliant makes copious use of Xi’An technology, the most ever applied to a human ship design. From a moving cockpit that slots into place depending on the flight mode to omni-directional thrusters licensed under the trade agreement with AopoA. Advanced Xi’An metal composites make up the armored wingspan, and every control surface has been meticulously updated from those developed for the Freelancer by MISC’s internal xenotech team.[2]


MISC’s design won a backer poll asking which ship CIG should build as the next starter. The finished product ended up being a fair amount more capable than a standard Aurora or Mustang, and so we have dubbed it a ‘Tier II’ starter. The ship concept is designed by David Hobbins (freelance conept artist).[2]


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