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The Xi'an Empire is located along the border of UEE's "eastern systems". Their empire is believed to be composed of at least 14 systems; however the Xi'an government has never stated the exact number of systems that they control. The belief within the UEE is that they control many more systems beyond their side of the border but we have not been able to send ships in to discover the true number of systems.

After the Peace Treaty of 2789; four systems from the former Perry Line were turned over to the Xi'an Empire. These are the systems of Pallas, Hadur, Indra and Virtus.

There are 14 known systems of the Xi'an Empire and 2 that are believed to exist but are uncharted and therefore not listed here. The known systems are listed here:

  • La'uo (formerly known as Virtus to the UEE, and part of the Perry Line)
  • Eealus
  • El'sin
  • Rihlah
  • Khabari
  • Kai'pua (formerly known as Kayfa to the UEE)
  • Markhail
  • Tal
  •'ūng (formerly known as Pallas to the UEE, and part of the Perry Line)
  • Ail'ka (historically known to the UEE as Ayr'ka and given the codename of Beehive)
  • Ya'mon (formerly known as Hadur to the UEE, and part of the Perry Line)
  • Kyuk'ya (formerly known as Indra to the UEE, and part of the Perry Line)
  • Oya III (Part of the Oya System and the only Xi'an settlement within the UEE borders)
  • Hyoton (the system that is home to the capital and homeworld of the Xi'an)

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