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Caudillo Helmet

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Caudillo ad.jpg
Caudillo Helmet
Manufacturer Unknown manufacturer (CC's Conversions)
Class Light Armor
Type Helmet
Armor 20% Reduction

Converted from the stock RSI Odyssey Flight Helmet, the fine folks at CC's Conversions have created the stylish Caudillo that’s adept at surviving firefights in both atmosphere and in space, providing complete head protection with the stylish look of classical armor thanks to its visually striking metal crest. Template:RSIref


The Caudillo Helmet series was made in 6 different color variants. Divided in packs of 2, they were handed out to Subscribers as Subscriber Flair in the following manner:

  • Pack #1 containing the "Cobalt" and "Ghost White" variants, and was given to Centurion and Imperator Subscribers.
  • Pack #2 containing the "Wildfire" and "Steel" variants, and was given to only Imperator Subscribers.
  • Pack #3 containing the "Burnt Orange" and "Hazard" variants, was not given out, but only purchasable in the Subscriber Exclusive store.

All packs were also put on the Subscribers Exclusive store, so current Subscribers can retro-actively purchase each pack for $4.00 USD. Template:RSIref



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