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|02:40 PM
|02:40 PM
| Shipsounds
|[ Shipsounds]

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CitizenCon 2949 (2019) was a live event organized by Cloud Imperium Games to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Star Citizen's announcement. The event took place on the 23rd of November 2019 at the Manchester Central Convention Complex in Manchester, England.

" Set a course for the United Kingdom this November, as the biggest event in the universe comes to Manchester Central Convention Complex. A full day of presentations, panels, and opportunities to mingle with the Star Citizen development team awaits, alongside interactive demonstrations, lore-inspired food and beverages, and immersive surprises around every corner.", acc. 2019-11-25

Schedule and Panels

Anvil Stage Croshaw Auditorium
01:00 PM The Adventure Begins
01:30 PM Terra Firmer
02:00 PM Xenolinguistics and You
02:30 PM micro Technicalities
02:40 PM Shipsounds
03:30 PM Loremaker's Guide to 2949
03:40 PM Locked Up
04:30 PM Shoot 'em Up Me, Myself, and UI
05:30 PM Ship Shape? Armor Archetypes
06:30 PM Cos and Effect Ship Talk
07:00 PM Building a Dynamic Universe
08:00 PM The Adventure Continues

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