CitizenCon 2021

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CitizenCon 2021 (2951)
Event TypeVirtual event
Preceded byCitizenCon 2020

CitizenCon 2951 (2021) is an upcoming event that will be held online on October 9, 2021. It will be streamed on Twitch due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cancelled CitizenCon 2020 the year prior.[1]

Schedule and Panels

Time Panel Description
15:00 UTC Opening address by Chris Roberts
15:05 UTC Life in the Verse Guided tour of locations, systems, gameplay, & more
17:15 UTC Ship Talk Reveal of new and upcoming ships, discussion on production, and updates on existing concepts
19:00 UTC Gen 12 and the Multicore of Vulkan In-depth rundown of how and why the Gen12 renderer and Vulkan API are being implemented
19:40 UTC Crafting Worlds: Planetary Tools and Tech A look at upcoming planet tech features
20:00 UTC Server Meshing and the State of Persistence Deep dive of key pillars that enable a scalable and persistent world
20:30 UTC The Sounds of Space Showcase of new audio tech
21:15 UTC Systemic Gameplay: Stream of Thought Tony Z updates us on how Quantum simulation integration is progressing, along with discussion of upcoming features and Dynamic Events
23:00 UTC Closing by Chris Roberts

Goodie pack

A digital goodie pack was handed out to all backers for free, contrary to previous years, where you would need to pay for the pack. The pack contained the following items:


The event saw a few newly revealed vehicles, coupled with a concept sale:

  • Anvil Liberator, a transport ship meant to carry other vehicles and ships;
  • Origin 400i, a luxury medium-sized exploration ship.

See also

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