Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept Art

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Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept
SeriesConcept Art
SourceComm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept
In the series
Title Published
Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept 2012-10-14
Vanduul Fighter Concept Art 2012-11-18
Spider Concept Art 2013-03-01
UEE Marine Concept Art 2013-03-11
Terra Concept Art 2013-03-15
Moscow Concept Art 2013-03-22
New York Concept Art 2013-04-01

You probably noticed the iconic Vanduul fighter acting as the aggressor in last week’s Star Citizen trailer. Here’s a closer look at some of the concept art that went into the ship! Check out the detail that went into the cockpit and HUD, too—you’re going to be seeing these fighters up close!


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