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Template:Infobox Commodity The crystalline form of Aluminum oxide. Used as a gem. Varieties include ruby, sapphire, and padparadscha.

Location Buy Sell
Levski, Delamar 2.54
Area18, ArcCorp 2.61
Humboldt Mines, Lyria 2.46
Loveridge Mineral Reserve, Lyria 2.46
Shubin Mining Facility SAL-2, Lyria 2.3
Port Olisar, Crusader 2.54
Tram & Myers Mining, Cellin 2.3
ArcCorp Mining Area 141, Daymar 2.3
Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1, Daymar 2.3
GrimHEX, Yela 2.54
HDMS-Stanhope, Hurston 2.46
Lorville, Hurston 2.63
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