Crusader Bounty (MRT)

Bounty Hunter mission from Crusader Security
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Crusader Bounty (MRT)
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 7500
Start Location Crusader AO
Requirements Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment
Tracker License Certification
Faction Crusader Security

The mission Crusader Bounty (MRT) sees Crusader Security task the player with taking down a Moderate-Risk Target (MRT) in the Crusader vicinity.


  • Bounty Issued For (Name) (MRT)


Spoiler content

"Crusader, in accordance with UEE Law, has issued a bounty for (Name). You are charged with locating and apprehending this criminal in exchange for the stated payment. They were last seen at (Location).

Our best intel indicates that you should expect to encounter moderate hostile forces on this one. We're looking at possibly a small multicrew craft supported by a light to moderate escort wing. Plan accordingly.


ID# 91G66BWO"

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