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IndustryShip refueling and repair services

Cry-Astro is a franchise of stations offering refueling and repair services. It offers a cheap, hands-on alternative while promoting DIY components and self-installation for your own ships.[1]


  • Another well-known offering at Cry-Astro is the food. Many Cry-Astro stations serve what has become known as ‘rubber meals,’ a vast menu of fast food options ranging from comfort favorites such as TipTop dumplings to simplified takes on boumbo, Croshaw’s signature dish. Most reviewers agree: it’s not good, it’s not good for you … but it’s a comfort to find familiar food ten jumps from home.[1]
  • Cry-Astro is best known for their ‘hip’ promotional gimmicks aimed at a younger market, which range from the ‘Can’t Miss!’ discount missile reload program to the utterly ridiculous ‘Run Flat Out’ program (in which attendants applied a comically squashed flatcat decal to a visiting ship’s cockpit).[1]


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