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== References ==
== References ==
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System TypeSingle Star
Size17 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence-Dwarf-K
Discovered in2438 (before)
Discovered byWendell Dopse
Jump Points5
Space Stations1 (Not on Starmap)

Davien is best known as the site of first contact between Humans and the Banu. Discovered early in mankind’s extrasolar expansion, Davien was charted by Wendell Dopse and named after his father-in-law. The most unusual facet of Davien’s discovery was what it represented to the broader astrophysics community: contemporary science had predicted that no additional jump points would exist in the Croshaw system. When Dopse charted the jump to Davien, it meant that textbooks had to be rewritten and it ultimately lead to a flurry of advancements in jump scanning technology.

Davien itself was not seen as so interesting. A slight, orange Type K Main Sequence Star, Davien was immediately considered nothing to write home about by its original explorers. Four planets orbited the star, the second of which was a candidate (albeit not a top list candidate) for terraforming. The system held no exotic resource caches or strategic military chokeholds; it seemed destined to become a lightly-populated backwater star system adjacent to more developed areas of the Empire.

That all changed quickly in 2438. Vernon Tar, an independent navjumper, opened fire on what he believed to be another private spacecraft attempting to jump his meager claim in the system. The ship in question turned out to be a Banu merchantman and the unfortunate incident (which luckily did not lead to loss of life) became humanity’s first introduction to the Banu Protectorate. The UPE quickly established a military-led watch station in the system to take control of the situation, and the first interstellar treaty with the Protectorate slowly took shape. (The ultimate irony for all parties involved, not discovered for many years, was that Davien was not especially close to the Banu coreworlds; the ship originally engaged by Tar was a fugitive fleeing civilization.)

The result for the Davien system was electrifying. Every independent operator in the galaxy wanted real estate in the system, now set to become the jumping off point to trade with the Banu. With the potential for exotic materials, alien technology and more, the system was flooded with all forms of humanity, and Davien II developed into one of the more populated Human worlds in the galaxy. BabCo GeoBuilders, which had won a low-ball terraforming bid before first contact, was propelled up the stock market as the demand for hangars, habicubes and underground domes soared.Template:RSIref


Davien I

A small coreless planet void of mineable resources.

Cestulus : Davien II

Though terraformed, the thin atmosphere of the planet has led to most of Cestulus's population living under biodomes. Trade with the Banu has waned over the years, but the planet still boasts robust commerce activity and is home to the corporate headquarters of Aegis Dynamics.

Davien III

The planet's highly acidic atmosphere makes it unsuitable for visiting with most spacecraft.

Davien IV

An uninhabitable ice giant in close proximity to the Cathcart jump point. Orbiting the planet is the Banu Friendship Museum established to commemorate the first meeting of Humanity with the Banu.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Davien - Sol Large Sol
Davien - Ferron Large Ferron
Davien - Kilian Large Kilian
Davien - Cathcart Medium Cathcart
Davien - Cano Medium Cano


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