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Deo front side.png
ManufacturerFiore (FIO)
UEC cost460 - 584

Fiore's Deo is a slim cut work shirt that's as practical as it is timeless. Featuring a high collar and metal neck clasp, the Deo has been a mainstay in business attire.


Name Colour Location Price (aUEC)
Deo Black Casaba Outlet 460
Deo Dark Green Dark Green Casaba Outlet 460
Deo Twilight Twilight Casaba Outlet 460
Deo Blue Blue Casaba Outlet 584
Deo Dessert Dessert Casaba Outlet 584
Deo Tan Tan Casaba Outlet 460
Deo Dark Red Dark Red Casaba Outlet 460
Deo Grey Grey Casaba Outlet 584
Deo Purple Purple Casaba Outlet 460
Deo Sienna Sienna Casaba Outlet 584
Deo Violet Violet Casaba Outlet 584
Deo White White Casaba Outlet 460