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Drake Defensecon

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Drake Defensecon
Event TypeIn-game
SubtypeDrake Interplanetary Defence Convention
OrganizerDrake Interplanetary
LocationRiker Memorial Spaceport
Date startMay 30, 2950 (2950-05-30)
Date endJune 1, 2950 (2950-06-01)
Concept SalesNone
Commemorative ItemsIn-game shirts, hats

Drake Defensecon is an event organized by Drake Interplanetary to promote themselves. [1]

The event was held in 2950 from May 30 till June 1 at the Riker Memorial Spaceport in Area18 and coincided with the end of the Invictus Launch Week event hold at the Bevic Convention Center in Area18. Drake decided to put up their own show as a response to the fact that they weren't formally invited to Invictus Launch Week. [2]The event is meant as a tool to showcase the contribution and solutions in defense of Drake Interplanetary to militias and security organizations.

Event activities

The event put on display the following Drake Interplanetary ships: [3]

Holographic displays:



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