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Xi'an company in the spacecraft manufacture, vehicle manufacture industry
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Gatac Manufacture
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture, vehicle manufacture
ProductsIndustrial spacecraft, industrial vehicles
Manufacturer codeGAMA
HeadquartersTethle'a, Hyoton
Area servedXi'an Empire, United Empire of Earth (limited export)
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Gatac Manufacture ( Xi'an: Ao’t.o’a’’ak(Ao't.o'a''ak) (Proper); literally the manufacturer of House'ak; ) is a Xi'an commercial and industrial spacecraft manufacturer located on Tethle'a. Like other companies in the Xi'an Empire, the Empire grants Gatac exclusive rights on manufacturing industrial spacecraft for the empire.[1] The company has a reputation in the Empire for producing cutting-edge and reliable cargo ships. After the 2947 Human-Xi’an Trade Initiative (HuXa) went into effect, the company began funding research to create spacecraft adapted to the needs of both Xi'an and Humans. It is expected to unveil the fruit of its efforts in the early 2950s.[2]


During the Great Divide (20044 - 19755 BCE), House'ak was a vassal of House Ru'a responsible for building and maintaining vehicles and spacecraft that formed the backbone of Ru'a's logistics operations. Three of'ak's elders perished alongside the leadership of Ru'a when House Kl.ō unintentionally poisoned the atmosphere of the Xi'an homeworld RyiX'yan. When Ru'a was made the first Imperial House in the aftermath of the tragedy, newly elevated Emperor Ya.l'ē se Ru'a rewarded'ak for their service by granting them exclusive rights to build industrial spacecraft for the Xi'an Empire in perpetuity.[1]


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