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Geotack X-promo-clear.png
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
Type Planetary beacon
Usage Demarcate claimed land

The Geotack-X planetary beacon is a portable demarcation device that allows the user to claim a land plot of 8 km x 8 km on various types of ground surfaces.


The Geotack-X was introduced to the public simultaneously with the Pioneer, a ship that can construct and deploy buildings.


The Geotack-X is used to demarcate a land claim of 8 km x 8 km. After placing the beacon, the claimant removes the claim coordinates memory module from the device and submits it to the Planetary Development Bureau. The owner receives a certificate, endorsing that the land is owned by the claimant:[1]

This certificate entitles the bearer to claim a single piece of UEE declared territory of eight (8) kilometers by eight (8) kilometers in size for the purposes of residential, commercial, or industrial development. Territory must be filed with the United Empire of Earth Planetary Development Bureau as an uncontested claim along with compatible geographic data of desired parcel in order to be claimed. Once approved, the bearer is entitled to all rights tied to this parcel under the United Empire of Earth’s articles of development (section 36.A.I-IX) and shall be the legal tenant of that property and enjoy all rights therein.

Pledge store

This item could be pledged for in two ways:

  • A Geotack-X was and still is included with a pledge for a Pioneer
  • A Geotack-X was obtained when you bought the "UEE Land Claim License Estate Parcel" - a 8 km x 8 km land plot license on the Pledge Store for $100 USD.

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