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Golden Medmon

Fruit of the Maru Ebony Tree
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Golden Medmon.png
Golden MedmonGolden Medmons icon.svg
Base price18 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
BuffHydrating (40 mins), Energizing (40 mins)
FromMaru Ebony Tree
Respawn time60 mins
LocationSavannah biome, Hurston
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Grown in temperate climates on the Maru Ebony Tree, Golden Medmons are left to fall off the tree when ripe and collected. The fruit at that stage is extremely firm and astringent. They only become edible after being 'bletted' or softened through ethylene ripening. Once softening begins, the skin wrinkles and darkens, while the inside flesh loses moisture until it has a creamy consistency and a flavor reminiscent of caramelized lactose. This process can confuse those new to Medmons, as the bletted fruit looks as if it has gone off.[1]


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